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How Many Comic Books Of The Walking Dead Are There

should I read the walking dead comics.

I think i’m going to but how many volumes are there already and are they still writing more? Also, I see that they have produced complete books which i’m guessing has a bunch of volumes packed into one..Which should I get if I were to start reading them? Continue reading How Many Comic Books Of The Walking Dead Are There

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How Much Do Comic Books Cost

How much do comic books on average cost.

I know graphic novels go for 15+ dollars, but I don’t know how much comics cost anymore. I haven’t bought any in a while so I don’t want to seem like a dunce.

Most comics today cost around $3.00..

how much did a book cost in the 1960s.

i was reading this book and it said that everything was alot cheaper back then. so i’m just wondering, how much would a book cost in the 1960s? thanks!

I have some paperback books from the 1960’s with cover prices under a dollar. I wasn’t in a position to buy hardcover books myself, but I believe that most hardcover books went for $5 or less….However, salaries were a lot lower back then. My dad earned under $8,000 per year for an engineering job with Hughes Aircraft back then, and Hughes was one of the higher-paying employers in the Electrical Engineering field. A new grad in EE nowadays could expect a starting salary of $60,000-85,000 from one of the aerospace defense contractors, and an EE with a security clearance and 5 years experience in the right specialty might make $75,000-125,000.Other things that were cheaper that I remember very clearly: A loaf of white sandwich bread was 25 cents, 15 if you got it on sale; a pound of hamburger meat was 25 cents to 50 cents a pound (generic hamburger vs. ground sirloin); milk was 98 cents a gallon; candy bars like Milky Way or Hershey’s were 5 cents each; gasoline was 24-29 cents a gallon for self-serve (as low as 19 cents a gallon for “gas war” stations), 30-36 cents a gallon for full serve; a new Chevy or Ford station wagon could be bought for around $3,000. Postage stamps cost a nickel, Cokes cost a dime from a vending machine plus 5 cents deposit on the bottle. You could get a Foster’s Freeze vanilla chocolate-dip soft serve cone for 20 cents, and at Sav-On you could get a rainbow Sherbet single scoop for a nickel.Comic books were a nickel or a dime; magazines were a dime to a quarter. You could buy a Hi-Flyer kite at the toy store for 15 cents and ball of string to fly it with for a dime. $25 would buy you a shiny new Schwinn bicycle. You could get a pair of sneakers, AKA “tennis shoes,” at Sears for $2-5 but they were simple canvas-topped, rubber-soled shoes; Converse was the only “brand” athletic shoe. Coffee was a nickel or a dime and nobody had heard of frappaccino or latte or any of the fancy-schmantzy coffee drinks now popular.Long time gone…*sigh*

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hello can u help me and tell me how much does a comic book cost ?

a regular american comic book cost $2.99Some have recently gone up in price which is a really bad move to $3.99These are new books at the comic book storeManga cost$9.99 or up depending on the popularity of the manga.Old comic books are quit different they can range from$0.25 — > $10.00+depending on the story, artist, combination of writer & artist and from what age it is fromGolden, Silver, or ModernGraphic Novels give you more bang for your buck$15 — $18 depending on softcover$20 — $30 depending on hardcoverI have found some very good deals on amazon and ebay.remember it’s always cheaper on line.

how much did comic books cost in 1946.

i’m doing a project and i can seem to find any cost of other items except for candy.

The cover price on comic books in 1946 was 10 cents, well into the 1960’s when they moved to 12 cents.Action Comics, where Superman first appeared was in 1938. The price moved to 12 cents in December 1961 with issue 283.

how much does a comic book cost.

i wanna start collecting comics…am really into Dc and Marvel heroes!..and ive seen most of the cartoons so…i just want to start buying some comics!;D

try browsing or DC and Marvel websites for price ranges of your desired comic book title to collect…

how do you know how much your comic books costs.

i have lots of comic books plz tell where to go to see how much they r worth -use this to help determine grade. – price guide, only gives prices in 9.4 condition – more detailed, lesser grade prices, have to register to look at (it’s free)Copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide – available at your local comic shop, or possibly in the libraryAsk your local comic shopNote that the prices are retail, meaning how much you might expect to pay at a comic shop. If you sell to a shop you’ll get 10-30% of the price listed, and if you sell via ebay/craigslist/etc. people are looking for bargains.

How much does Comic grading cost.

How mcost does itCost to grade a comic and can I just get one comic graded. Also do I haver to have an account that cost money. Or can I just pay for the comic grading. I don’t care what company does it but when you give the pricing state what companies do what

Most grading companies have a sliding scale – the more valuable the book is, the more it costs to have it graded, so they can’t quote you a price in advance.If you only have one comic to grade it may be more worthwhile to find a comic shop near you which does business with a grading company (such as CGC) on a regular basis. They probably will be willing to send it in to them as a part of their monthly or what-have-you shipment to have it graded. They should be able to quote you an estimated price by pre-grading it. “This looks like it’d be around an 8.5, that’d cost $___.” They might charge for the privilege, but OTOH you won’t have to deal with shipping it yourself.

How much do comic books cost..

how much do they cost-im mostly into the X-men comics-and the X-23 comics (cant find them)know where i can get the old fashion comics and the comics from today?(the comic book store is far)KNOW where i can read FULL FREE comics online- the marvel website sucks- you have to pay, i thinkthanks!

today for single issues like (2.99 -5.99)the whole book of the series (usually split into 6 comic books) (12.99-over 20)you can get old comic books on ebay, as well as new can only read the for free if you pirate them.your local library might have a stalk of comic books. i know that all the libraries near me have comic books so check yours out 🙂

About how much do comic books cost.

I’ve never been into comic books, the reason being that I felt it was too late to understand the story lines, but now the DC comics reboot I feel it is my chance to get into comic books. About how much do comic books cost of do you know about these new ones will cost?Also, I don’t know anything about…

DC books go for 2.99, bigger issues go for 3.99. Marvel books go for 3.99. Most everything else I’ve seen goes for 2.99.If you collect comics with the hope that they go up in value you’re in for a disappointment. It’s a common misconception that comics are a good investment. Old comics are worth something because comics used to be throwaway entertainment, making them rare. Nowadays everyone who collects comics keeps them in such good condition that they’ll never rise in value.

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Straight Arrow Comics Issue -49- Full Color Comic Paperback Reprint- Check Out Our Giant Straight Arrow Collection Class Comics Library -422 ebook by Magazine Enterprises

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