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How Many Books Does The Average Author Sell

How much money does the average fiction author make.

So right now I’m writing my book The Show, which I plan to hopefully get published. How much money would I make if it didn’t become a huge blockbuster? I mean, I hope it will, but most likely it won’t, so I’m just wondering how much I would make if I don’t make it big and just am...

There’s no such thing as an “average fiction author” income. There are too many variables – who publishes the book, in what genre, paperback or hardcover, etc. If you have a literary agent, they’ll get part of the money. So there’s no good way to answer your question.IF your book gets published by a publishing house you’ll probably get a royalty – a certain percentage of the sales. Most publishers give the author an advance on the royalties – so some money up front before the book is published. As a new writer who’s sales potential is unknown the publisher is not going to give you a huge advance. Maybe $3-5 thousand. After your book has earned your advance in royalties for you, then you can get additional money. Maybe 8-10% of the sales after that. So how much you make depends on how well your book sells.Realize that publishing is a business. If you want to get your book published you should start research as much as you can about the publishing industry. If you want to make money as an author, you are going to have to promote yourself and your book You can’t sit back and expect the publisher to do all of that for you.Writing a book is only the first step in making money as an author.Good luck.

Average earnings from selling a book.

What do you think is the average earned for an author when they publish their first book?I know it varies ALOT-but I need at least a rough estimate for my school project. How much profit could an average(not the worst, not the best) author estimate to make when going through a publishing agency(not self-published)?

According to this site:, on average a new author sells about 3000 copies with a royalty of about $0.72/copy which comes out to a bit over $2,000.This site:, says numbers of under $5,000 are not unrealistic, they don’t limit their discussion to just first time authors.Relize for every book that is a great success, there are many more that barely sell at all and on which the publisher may actually even loose. Used books free shipping

How many words does the average book have.

I’m writing a novel that I want to submit to a publisher someday, but I’m not sure how many words I’ll need. It’s driving me crazy because if I do get published, I don’t want to be that thing book on the shelf who’s spine is so thin that you can barely read the title or have a book…

Typically an adult novel has around 70-90K words.If it is fantasy or science fiction (meaning you need to build a different world), the word count is higher, at about 100-120K.If it is a mystery (like a detective story, not a thriller) or a romance, the word count is shorter, around 60K.If it’s a young adult novel: 60-80K. If it’s a middle grade novel (like the Lightning Thief): 30-50K. (Like with adult novels, if it’s fantasy or science fiction, you can add some length.)Some people will argue that the length of novels is growing, but this is mainly true of established authors. At least until electronic media surpasses print media, it costs more money for publishers to make longer books, so they want to save those lengths for authors they know will sell, and they only know they’ll sell if they’ve sold before. So, while those lengths are somewhat flexible and you will always find exceptions, about 90% of what will be accepted by an agent and publishers will adhere to the above length guides.

How many books do you have to sell to be considered a decent writer.

How many books are considered bad, average, and good?

It isn’t based on the amount of books you sell, but the quality of the books that you sell. You could right fifty novels and still be considered a mediocre author. At the same time you could right one novel and be considered an above average writer. It all depends on how good you write, and how well the public audience and the professional publishers and critics take your book.

on average how much does a new author make.

iv sean plenty of people saying new authors dont make much money, but iv never sean how much ‘not much’ is! so, on average, how much does your average author make off there first book? (please know-im talking about the average book-assume we do average advertising, its averagely written, average cost per…

Although every writer can negotiate with a publisher, typical royalties for an unknown author who sells a book to a legitimate paying publisher might be:Hardcover royalties of 10% on the first 5000 units sold; 12 ½% on the next 5000 units and 15% thereafter. (Hardcover figures are rarely different, even for authors who sell well.) Trade paperback royalties are 7 ½%. Mass market royalties are for 8% for the first 150,000 units sold and 10% thereafter.First printings for the unknown author lucky enough to get hardbound are typically 5,000 units. Say it sells for $25 (because we sure like our round numbers) and it sells through–all 5,000 copies sell.$25 x 10% = $2.50 per book in royalties$2.50 x 5,000 = $12,500–not much considering that it probably took a year to research and write the book, and quite possibly longer. A full time minimum-wage job would earn the author more money.More often, the unknown author gets trade paperback, the big ones. They’re usually about $15.00$15 x 7 ½% = $1.12 per book in royalties–not even half what the hardbound earns.$1.12 x 5,000 = $5,600, not a wage you could live on.Or maybe the unknown author goes straight to mass market paperback. They’re often about $8.00. Royalties on 5000 copies comes to $3,200.Of course, if you happen to write the huge novel of the moment, maybe you sell a half million copies.Of maybe you only sell 2500.I know several authors online and a handful in meatspace, and only three derive all their income from their fiction. Most either keep their day jobs or have another source of income, like a working spouse, a family business, or savings.And if you choose to self-publish, paying for it, expect to lose money.

How many copies of books sell if the author is not famous.

I look at amazon at some books, mainly art books and they are ranked like #50,000 or #100,000. So I’m wondering how many copies of these books do they sell a year? I mean whats the average number that they sell?

That’s hard to tell. Some books are very popular – even if their names weren’t known before the book was published. Look at J.K.Rowling – no one had heard of her before her book was published, but it was a runaway best seller. That happens sometimes. At the other end of the scale, some celebrities write books that are just plain awful, dumb or boring, and despite the fact that the author is famous, the books don’t sell.

whats the average amount of books sold per author.

i was wondering how many books does a author sell per year

Depends on how popular the book is. J.K. Rowling gets more than Miki L. Williams. For example.

On average, how much does and author make per book sold.

Say a book sales for $15, how much of that $15 actually goes to the author? Also, how many books have to sale to make the NY Times best seller list?Thanks!

All deals on selling books are different in more ways than one. First, it depends where you live, what type of writer or novelist you are, what publishing company you have, an agent, and so on. Here’s an example; a non-fiction writer who specializes in mystery books, lives in Wyoming, and has an agent, is part of the Writers Guild of America, just has a brand new book come out onto store shelves. However, since Wyoming isn’t greatly populated to begin with, the agent suggests that books be distributed nationally, like so many are anyway. The book sells for $30. Within the first week, the book makes the $10million mark and within the second week the book rises to $30million making it the fastest rising book in years.First, the stores get a small cut of the profit for placing it in their stores. Second, the publishing company gets a cut. Third, the agent gets his cut which could depend on agencies to begin with. Some could demand 5% of whatever sells, others, more upscale agencies could even demand as much as 15% of sales. And then, the rest goes to the writer.For the book making the top of the charts within two weeks, that will get your book noticed by the New York Times, plus, it will make headlines over every major writing and newspaper’s arts section around the country.Now, how much a writer makes from one best seller depends greatly on your agent, where the book is sold, and even who publishes. Books go through trends, while others stick around for years. Right now, romance, mystery, and adventure are a big thing. Romance has always been famous. If you are a good writer who always turns over good profits, you’ll get with a great agency and a good publisher. Chances are if you sell a book that makes $30million, you’ll get about a cut of $5million. Now that’s just a rough estimate. It could be more it could be less. Usually, it’s less if it’s your first time. However, once you set the market and make a first impression, chances are you could even get a contract to write more books.Some publishers have selected writers, like ones who write just for youth ages, teens, or young adults. While others write great novels, non-fiction, and how-to-books. Major writers make upwards of $10 to $15million for one cut of the sales. Others, may only make $100,000 to $500,000.If you’re going to write, best of luck to you.Word of warning, it takes thinking, time, money, and great patience. Prepare for being turned down by publishers. But, always keep hope.

how many books does a amateur author sell.

my mom called Stop The Gossiping and she is selling it at barnes and noble, amazon, and xlibris and i was wondering how many average books are sold per year per authorand one more thing how many books did harry potter sell

The average self-published book sells between 45 and 65 copies, including those purchased by the author, nearly all in the first year the book is out. Virtually all the buyers are people related to or acquainted with the author.

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45 thoughts on “How Many Books Does The Average Author Sell

  1. At least a dozen a year is my guess. If it’s good then obviously more.

  2. Editor = 8,25$think about that.

  3. None. And, no. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m taking your term “amateur author” literally. Amateur means that you have not beem published or sold your work. Once she sells one book, or has been paid for the publishing of her work, she moves up to being called a “professional” author.

  4. It basically comes down to two things: Talent and luck.

  5. Novella: 15,000 to 40,000 words2

  6. Not a lot at first.

  7. Basically, unless your mom puts forth a ton of extra effort, her publishing career will be short lived. I don’t think there really IS an “average” number of books sold…at least not one that would be accurate because it depends on how seriously an author takes this opportunity given them. Some dump a ton of money into this and don’t sell one book because they expect the sales to pour in on their own…but how many people do you know that honestly sell a million copies without getting their name out there first? Not very many.

  8. Novelette: 7,500 to 15,000 wordsIf you’re constantly published? Well, don’t quit your day job. Most authors write on the side, because they have to. That’s where their passion leads them. But, they do get money for publication, just not enough to afford a good lifestyle.

  9. It all depends on the books you write. Author’s get payed in two different ways, and the amount varies from genre to genre, author to author, book to book. First, after you finish a book, when you contact publishers and are going to get it published you will receive a sum of money based on how well they think your book will sell. They don’t know the future, so the amount doesn’t necessarily mean much, like JK Rowling only received about 4000 for the first Harry Potter book, which is way low. And then there are the royalties you receive when somebody buys your book, which is like 2 dollars for each or something. But you only start receiving those once you’ve earned back that advance the publishers gave you, so JK Rowling had to earn 4000 dollars in books before she saw another cent herself. And you wouldn’t get a weekly check, authors get paid only a few times a year, like every six months or once every season. A lot of these things are negotiable, so if it really matters to you you should read books on publishing when the time comes, they show you what you should expect, how to avoid being cheated and ways to turn $ into $$$ during negotiations. But again it all depends on how your book will appeal to the audience, or how they think it will, like Stephanie Meyer got 750000 for the first three Twilight books because they knew it was the kind of crap that people like to buy into and would have no problem earning it back, while hundreds of better books get curbed all the time because they just don’t have that marketability.

  10. Good luck with everything!The average is zero, since most don’t even finish or get theirs published. It can go lower than that, since some go for vanity (i agree)

  11. Asking the local newspaper and radio to run a small blurb about a local author being published would also be favorable. This gives local residents a chance to learn about the book. I’ve seen a TON of people buy a book from a “hometown” resident, just to have bragging rights that someone from their hometown is a published author.Never fails to amaze me what books are written and catch on and make a zillion bucks. Back in the 1960’s I was in high school and somehow got a copy of “Planet of the Apes” which was a surprise because it was so stupid, I couldn’t imagine anybody actually writing it. But look how that piece of crap caught on and they made movie after horrible movie out of it and untold money from people apparently starved for entertainment.

  12. A common royalty payment is 8% of the cost of the book. So figure what the book costs (this would be a hardback edition) and see how many books you would have to sell to net $100, or $1000, or any other amount.

  13. While, on the other extreme, we have first time authors like Stephenie Meyer, who make millions their first shot.1

  14. Short Story: 1,000 to 7,500 words

  15. As for how many books on average that will be sold, that really depends on how well her book is marketed by both the company and by herself. She can’t expect the book to sell just because it’s on Amazon, xlibris, and Barnes and Noble. All they can do is put it in a suggested reading link for when someone to see when they buy another book with a similar topic. She needs to make sure that people know about her story…not just friends and family, but also the public. A lot of writers these days often use MySpace as a marketing tool. She needs to set up an account, and use a small exerpt from the book, and provide links to the various places where it can be bought. She should use it to network. Send friend requests to other authors because this is truly the best way to network. A fan of someone on her friend’s list might take an interest in her book, and decide to order a copy.

  16. Or Dan Brown? Nora Roberts? John Grisham?A first time author with their debut novel about a girl and her body odor issues?that would mean that at least one person thought the writer was “decent”

  17. ive heard its about $3000 for the contract up front, then its a very small percentage of each book sold(royalties) which may be about 10 cents a book. but contracts can vary so this is a rough estimate

  18. Then write a new book that’s even better, go to an even bigger company with proof that you’ve been published before, and hope for a better contract. The bigger publishers will have more ability to get your book in more places and make more publicity. That’s when you start making real money.

  19. 5%

  20. Publisher = 4,25$Sorry I couldn’t really answer your question that well~

  21. Book store = 10$

  22. There’s quite a discrepancy between the two, I’m afraid, so there’s no possible way to give an accurate answer to your question.

  23. The average book *submitted* to publishers makes the writer absolutely nothing.

  24. True writers don’t write for the money.

  25. A new author typically earn $2 to $5 per day but once he/she becomes experience, they can make hell lot of money. I mean around $1000- $2000 per month. But for that you have to be an outstanding writer. If you want to start slow and improve your writing, I will recommend Triond.

  26. Well, it usually depends on how the author markets.If it’s a self published author who barely markets their book, they may make NOTHING on it.Roughly though, I’d say the ‘average’ traditionally published author will make anywhere from $150- $1,500 on their book. Like I said before, it all depends on their marketing, what kind of novel they wrote (some genres sell better then others), whether they pick a good publisher/ editor, and how credible the author is.

  27. Close to nothing, they probably lose money actually.

  28. very little, considering when someone is published through a traditional publisher, they recieve an advance which is paid off by royalties. Once that happens then the author begins to recieve royalties, 10 cents a book or so. Remember, the agent if the author has one gets 15% for his/her services, rest go to the publisher.

  29. The Average is probably down around zero as almost everybody tries to write fiction at some point or another.Hope this helps.

  30. the truth is, you could be the greatest writer ever in history, but if you can’t get an agent or a publisher interested you won’t sell a single book.1!! and congrats to anyone that has accomplished that. It’s not easy to get published.

  31. They write to share their stories.

  32. Novel: 40,000 words or more

  33. Not alot, thats for sure. But you need to think that 50k of books is not alot because their are many writters in the world and even some old books are a good success today !

  34. So plan to take a loss on your first book.

  35. And, I have no idea how many Harry Potter books sold, honestly. But, she sold so well because she found a great publisher and took the effort to “push” her own work. Very few will have the success she did, I imagine.

  36. Publishers will usually give the writer a small advance, perhaps 3 to 5 thousand, upon signing the contract. Then they’ll keep all the sales until they get paid back and start turning a profit. If and when profit actually starts happening, you’ll get about 40-50% of that.

  37. Most writers never see more than the sign-on bonus for their first book. Although 3 grand might sound like a lot, if you break down the total time you spent writing, polishing, and working out the contract, it usually doesn’t even make minimum wage.ont he other hand, to be taken seriously as an author, you have to continue to write and sell new books. think of all the authors you know, then start naming the books they’ve written.

  38. Flash Fiction: 1,000 words or lessThe average book that actually gets published makes between 1/4 and 1/2 of minimum wage for the writer.I think it depends how famous an author is…and how good their books are so that people buy them. SOme really famous books are by J.K.Rowling and R.L.Stine you know famous Harry Potter & Lord Of The Rings, those are sagas of books and I think it’s kind of a trick to create sagas because if you find good fans the fans will keep on reading & reading so they buy & buy. ALso these are movies which gives it more publicity. But I guess an average author could make loads of money or very littlr money, depends what they want to get. And how hard they work for it.

  39. Like any artist the writer is paid around 10% for his work. Being the source of the work, he is quite under paid, no?

  40. If the book is good, she’ll sell lots, if nobody likes it, none.

  41. Out of a 25$ bookAnother great marketing tool would be to use a blogging or web site to create a bio about herself and talk a little about what her book is about in her own words. Give links as to where the book can be bought. This should also be added as a link in the “blog” section of her myspace.

  42. Lets say a book is 25$, because before becoming 15$ you must sell a bunch so that the price lowers.There is no way to measure how many books they will sell, or how much money they will make off ONE book (it depends on the book’s price and where it is sold).

  43. Author = 2,50$How many relatives do you have that will buy your book?

  44. 🙂

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