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How Do I Find Out What Books I Need For My College Classes

How can I find out what books I need.

I just registered for community college and I’m not sure what books I’m going to need. I’m taking beginning math and beginning sign language. If I call the college, will they be able to tell me what books I am going to need for the classes? Or should I just wait until the first day of class for the...

email the prof if you know. Bookstores should have the list by now. However, Some profs may not use all the books on the list. I got an email about a book I need for one class. I buy most of mine online or check at half price for them.

HELP. How do I find out what books I will need for college… SERIOUS 10 POINTS.

My first day of college is coming up, and I have already registered for my classes. But I don’t know what books I am going to need. I would like to be prepared for my classes and have my books early, but I have no idea where I can find them. Is there a generic name tab to look for on my portal? Or is this…

Every professor at your college who is teaching this semester got a form months ago to fill out for each class he or she is teaching. The professor filled out the form with required and recommended books and other information and submitted it to the bookstore.You get a list of all your classes: the course number (which will look something like “ENG 102”), the section number (which will look something like “03”), and the professor’s surname (if it says “TBA” that means “To Be Announced” and you can take that instead). Go to the school bookstore, either the physical store or the website.If students can access the physical stacks in the bookstore, you can go through there and find the section for each department, and then find the section within the departmental section for the course number, and then find the right section number. Double-check that you’re looking at the right section by making sure the professor’s name matches. If you can’t access the physical stacks, you’re going to need to enlist the help of someone who works there, but they should still be able to give you the information you need.If you choose to go online, you will click on a link for “Buy books” or something similar, and there will be a page with menus to select classes, again, by department, course number, and section number (if there’s only one section, they’ll usually omit that). When you have selected all your classes, you’ll hit a button with something like “Find books” on it, and you’ll get a page with the book assignments for all of your classes.You will need the required books. It’s up to you whether or not you want to buy the recommended books, if there even are any — I’d suggest waiting to buy them until after your first class, when the professor is likely to explain why she assigned any recommended books. Occasionally a class will have no required books at all.If you want to buy the books from the bookstore, you just go ahead and do that. It’s the most convenient way. However, you’re probably going to pay significantly higher prices than you would online, especially for books that are a few years old so that a lot of used copies are for sale. If you want to buy online, you write down the author, title, edition number, and ISBN. The ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit number that is unique to each book and edition number. Make sure you get the ISBNs copied down accurately, especially if you’ve gone to the physical bookstore.Then you start searching for the right books online, for a price you’re willing to pay, from a seller close enough to you and that offers the right shipping option(s) to get you the books by the time you need them. If you’re in Florida, for instance, a copy from South Carolina is likely to get there faster than a copy from Vermont, if the two sellers use the same shipping method. Use the ISBNs to find them, because you won’t have to worry about making sure you have the right edition number or whether a book by Johnson, Smith, and Jones is the same as the one when the bookstore lists the author as “JOHNSO.” If you got the information online, you can just copy and paste the ISBNs into the search fields at a search engine or a bookseller’s site and not have to worry that you’ve typed it in wrong. Use the author, title, and edition that you got from the bookstore to double-check that you’ve got the right book, but if you’re using the right ISBN, it always will be. And then once you find a copy of each book that you’re willing to buy, you buy it.You can also rent books, possibly from the school bookstore or definitely from some of the online sites like hope that that helps. Network marketing books free

CUNY: How do I find out what books i need.

okay, so I need help finding out what my books for my classes are. I am an entering freshman for this fall but, I just can’t find it. Does anyone who goes to CUNY know where I can find it. btw I’m going city college. Thanks in advance.

I’ve never been to that school, but I’d imagine like any other college they have a bookstore on campus. You can find their information online and then ask them about what books you need for X class. Buying books from Amazon is always infinitely cheaper than buying them from the bookstore (anticipate $150ish/book). Buying used is cheaper than buying new (Expect $80ish/book). Some classes don’t even use the book that is assigned which is the biggest waste of money so perhaps you can go to and see if that sort of thing is mentioned (assuming you know who the professor is).

How do I know what textbooks I need for my college classes.

I’ve already got my schedule ready for the semester. I have Eng 103, Soc 101, ISP 120, and Discover Chicago. However, my schedule doesn’t say what books I actually need for the classes. How do I find out this information?

One of two ways usually:1-take your schedule to the school bookstore and make sure you know the specific section of the course you are in. For example, you may have Eng 103-01 or Soc 101-04. The section indicates what class you are in and what professor is teaching the class. Sometimes each section requires different books so it is very important to know this information. The way it worked in my school was the books at the bookstore were organized by course name and number and then by section, so you’d just find your books that way.2-The other option is to just wait until you get to class and the books you need will be listed on the professor’s course syllabus. From experience, I have noticed that sometimes a professor will list a book as required before you get to class (because they submit their book lists way before the start of the term), however once you get to class they may decide that a certain book is either only for reference or supplemental material or sometimes not needed at all.It is important to note a few things in regards to textbooks:Full title of the book(s)Author and or publisher of the book(s)Year publishedEdition (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).Another important piece of information you may want to get is the ISBN number. This is a universal coding system for all books (not just college texts). It is usually on a bar code on the back of the book. It will definitely be useful if you want to purchase textbooks either online or at a place other than the college bookstore (which is highly recommended if you want to try to save some money). Also, sometimes campus books stores do run out of textbooks for a specific course and they have to be reordered, so this may be a good time if that happens to look into alternate sources of finding the book. This is especially important in reading intensive courses.

How do I find out what college books I need before I start the class.

I’m going to start college in fall and we haven’t chosen our classes yet. I know I’m going to take bio 100A from CSULA and was wondering what book I’ll be needing for that class.

Colleges usually have orientation before class starts. At orientation they usually help you register for classes. You don’t buy books for classes before you get the class.

How do I find out what textbooks I need for class.

I received my class schedule for college this september, this is my first year so I don’t really don’t know much. How do I find out what textbooks I need for the classes, or if I need textbooks at all for particular classes. Someone told me that I have to wait until the first day of classes and the…

This really confused me when I was starting out in college last year (I’m a sophomore now). After two semesters now of using books – I can help!Your school campus bookstore will have every book you need. Bring an employee your class list with all the information (class ID number, etc) so that they can find the exact book you’ll be looking for. The list of your classes should be very detailed – with your teacher’s name included, because some teachers for a subject may want more or less than others for a class – you don’t want to get stuck without the right book, or have paid for a book you didn’t need.Your school or school bookstore may even have an internet site you can plug your classes into to see what books you need for which classes and provide an opportunity for you to purchase them online.EXPERT TIP! Figure out what books you need a little earlier than the first couple days before classes – then see if there may be other bookstores unaffliated with your school in the area that will sell you the books you need for much cheaper!Also, try going to to get your books for even less!Good luck, and enjoy your freshman year!

how do I find out what books in need for my classes.

college courses–I have no idea how to find out which books I need.

1. On the first day of class, your professor will give you a syllabus. This document includes important information, like the test schedule, the grading, and the required and recommended books..2. At your campus bookstore, they should have textbooks organized by class, and it might say whether they are required or recommended. However, the bookstore might say a book is required but your professor could say it is actually optional.3. If your professor or class has a website, the books could be on there.

How do I find out what books I need for college classes.

Don’t tell me to go to the campus bookstore and ask them what books I need because that’s not what I want.And don’t tell me to go to either i’m not asking where books are cheapest.I need to know if theres a website where I can plug in my class information and see what book I need. The…

The campus bookstore’s website all the school’s I’ve attended have that front and center on the webpage, put in your classes and they give you the list.

How do I find out what text books I need for my classes.

I’m about to start my Freshman year at college…and I know every school is different. Generally though, how do students find out what their text books are for their classes? Is it usually posted online? Do professors send out a mass e-mail with requirements? I’m just a little concerned being that I…

Check the bookstore website. You should be able to put in your course numbers and the required textbooks will come up. Campus bookstores are required by law to make this information available so students can shop around.If you check Y!A, you will find that there are multiple schools of thought about purchasing textbooks before the first day of class. Apparently some professors put books on the list that they don’t intend to use, so some students wait to see which texts will be required before buying anything. However, at my school we had reading assignments to prepare for the first day of class and showing up without a textbook or the reading completed would have been a really good way to make a very bad impression. So you might want to get a feel for how things work at your school so you know whether to buy the books ahead of time or not.

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43 thoughts on “How Do I Find Out What Books I Need For My College Classes

  1. This should not be a terrible problem. Try ordering them on-line to save money. Often time the library or department will have a reserve copy you can look at but not take out until your on-line books arrive. Good luck with your semester.

  2. How do I find out what books I need for college classes?

  3. You could also go to your college’s facebook page, they usually have people selling books.

  4. I studying undergraduate right now, and what I can tell you is that professors don’t really care about whether you have textbooks on your first day of class, mainly because they tell you which textbooks you will need in the semester. In terms of obtaining textbooks, textbooks in themselves are too expensive and my college’s bookstore do not have any discounts on them. So, in my opinion, the first thing you should do ALWAYS: Find a person who already took the class before. See if you can buy the textbook directly off them or borrow it for a semester. Often you have to ask upperclassmen, but they will be very welcome to sell you textbooks at a negotiable price. Second, see if there are organizations on campus that organize and sell used books. I have one of campus where you give them used textbooks that you want sold at your price, and they will try to sell it for you for minimal profit. Third, look online for used books or books with good deals. eBay, Amazon, Barnes & Noble… look at any site that sells a lot of books. You never know which site sells the cheapest version of the wanted textbook.

  5. RE:

  6. Go to the bookstore, show them your schedule and ask what books you need. Be prepared for textbook sticker shock as they can get pricey. If you can buy used textbooks because they will save you some money.

  7. For the best answers, search on this site

  8. If any of the books are in plastic wrap. DO NOT open them till you go to the class as you might find that you may not need the book and you need to return it. If you open it and then find out you don’t need it, the book store won’t take it back. Also, DO NOT open any codes that a book might have on the inside cover unless you find out you need to use it. Books basically have no resale value if the codes are used. Oh yeah, and KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.

  9. When you chose your classes on the get website there is a link that allows you to see a complete list of the books you’ll need. My suggestion to you is that you buy them on amazon or because they are much cheaper than at the csula bookstore.

  10. You can actually find this out online!! Look on the school’s website because sometimes it is listed, but if not go to because they run most of the bookstores in colleges in the country. Just enter the state and then the college and it will ask for what semester, what subject, the class number, and your section number! It’s really easy to do…then when you see what books, you can buy them online through like and they’ll be much cheaper because college books can be so expensive!!

  11. Check the campus bookstore (you can probably check on the bookstore’s website).

  12. Don’t tell me to go to the campus bookstore and ask them what books I need because that’s not what I want.

  13. You answered your own question. Either call up the campus bookstore and ask them or see if they have a website. At my school there is a link off the school site to the bookstore where you can put in your classes and it tells you what books you need. Then forget, go on or instead

  14. You Should be provided a (syllabus of the class/ Hand Out Sheet) by each individual Professor.

  15. Campus bookstore website. It’s 2010, pretty much everything on the Internet these days.

  16. This Site Might Help You.

  17. and instructions should point out the necessary equipment and text books you’ll need for that class.

  18. another way you can do is go to the library catalog which should give you options to insert your class or teacher. That way you can find out online

  19. Well, normally your college will have a website for their bookstore.This Site Might Help You.

  20. Do you know your profs email? email them and ask. Look to see if your schools bookstore has an online bookstore. I think most schools do. You usally just enter the course and the book list is displayed. Then you can figure out what books you need and get them from the bookstore (not the cheapest) or find them online someplace.

  21. I’m not sure what to tell you where you are at, all I can Tell you is to go to your schools bookstore and they will help guide you through the steps.

  22. its a great site that tells you what prices that sites like amazon, ebay, and are selling the same book for so you can see which site sells it for most cheap. Don’t wait until classes start cause by then everyone else will be buying their books (waiting in line sucks) and most colleges don’t sell their books cheap, in fact they are even expensive when they sell them used.

  23. The information provided in the hand out and from the professors verbal introduction

  24. How do I find out what textbooks I need for class?

  25. And don’t tell me to go to either i’m not asking where books are cheapest.

  26. Since I don’t know what college you’re going to I can’t help you more than that.

  27. Go to your campus bookstore with your classes (Couse abbreviation and number) written down and ask someone working there to help you find the books for those classes.

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  29. After you look up the website for your college bookstore, they will usually have a link to “Textbooks” or perhaps “Course books”, something like that, where you can look it up

  30. Most college websites have a link to their bookstore. Go to this link, and it will probably have a menu where you enter your courses. Do that, and it will tell you the titles, and how much your books will cost. You might be able to order them online too, or have them pre packaged for when you buy them.

  31. Either contact the professor by emailing them and asking them, or some bookstores for schools are online and you can look it up by your course number, or some school bookstores in person will have a list of the books you need. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the first day of class to get your syllabus.

  32. Your campus bookstore will have the books you need sorted by class. If you can’t go to the bookstore, some will have this information online and sometimes you can get it by calling.

  33. You buy them at the bookstore on campus. I think when you can probably find what books are needed for the specific classes online.

  34. Hey, here is the website that I get all my books from:

  35. RE:Generally it is good to buy your books before classes, because it will take time to ship to you, and plus a lot of other students will be buying them at the same time and that’ll be pretty hectic.Like everyone else said, your bookstore will tell you all the required books for each class. However, it’s better to wait until after classes start to buy them because sometimes a professor doesn’t use the book at all, and you don’t want to waste your money buying books you don’t need.

  36. On your first day of class your teacher will give you a list of books you need for their class, if you want them early then go onto your schools website log in and find your books using the code that is listed for the class.

  37. Don’t wait until the first day of classes unless you’re unsure you will take the course. Get them earlier so you can review the first few chapters. You can always purchase them at the bookstore but I’d recommend getting them elsewhere since it’ll be cheaper. Your bookstore probably has a website with all the required class books clearly stated with their respective ISBN’s.

  38. Usually the course name, # and section are listed on the shelves are the bookstore. This is all info you can get from your schedule. If you’re confused ask a bookstore employee, they’ll help you find what u need, it’s their job.

  39. Go the bookstore and show them your list of classes and they will have a list of require and recomended courses.

  40. I received my class schedule for college this september, this is my first year so I don’t really don’t know much. How do I find out what textbooks I need for the classes, or if I need textbooks at all for particular classes. Someone told me that I have to wait until the first day of classes…

  41. Well the college i go to has a bookstore on their mainsite from which you can order the books online or just see what books your teacher may require. I would suggest trying to see if your college has one of those. Or contact the teacher and see what book he wants.

  42. You can also contact your instructors to find out which ones on the list the bookstore has that you will really need and which ones you might only use a couple of times during the semester.

  43. I need to know if theres a website where I can plug in my class information and see what…

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