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How Many Comic Books Of The Walking Dead Are There

should I read the walking dead comics.

I think i’m going to but how many volumes are there already and are they still writing more? Also, I see that they have produced complete books which i’m guessing has a bunch of volumes packed into one..Which should I get if I were to start reading them?

The latest issue of the comics is #126, and it’s still going. There are omnibus collections with 50 issues each, both in print and digital format (Comixology has them on sale until tomorrow for 50% off) and smaller collections with 5-6 issues each. You can see them at… or at Amazon.

walking dead comics question.

I want the complete walking dead comic collection, so i need to know how many? and where i can buy them? i keep seeing on websites that there are anywhere from 80-100 comics. I want to buy them all at once or in book form.

Currently, there have been 95 issues published, plus a four-issue guide to the characters.The issues have also been collected into trade paperbacks, with 15 published so far (compiling up to issue #90), and a 16th due in June. The first 48 issues have also been collected and published as “The Walking Dead: Compendium One.”So the most practical/affordable way to get everything so far (short of illegally downloading scans of the comics) is to buy the Compendium, volumes 9-15 of the trade paperbacks, and the remaining five single issues.The TPBs and Compendium are available on Amazon. Read urban fiction books online for free

where can I get the walking dead comics.

I wanna read he comics but I can’t find them online? and how many volumes are there? and is there a difference between the book and comics

The books are just a collection of the comic issues. If you are having trouble finding them online, you can try looking in a comic shop or at a comic convention. Some of the large book retailers might have them as well (I remember seeing them at barnes and nobles). Good luck finding the actual issues of the comics. The early ones did not have a large printing number, so they are not only hard to come by but expensive if you do find them.

How many comic books are in “The Walking Dead” series and how much do they follow the show.

I think I want to start reading the comics but I want it to be worth it. How short are the comic books and how much are they on average? Also, how much of the same storyline is it compared to the TV show? If you have any other information that I should know please tell me. Thanks!!!

There are about 90+ booksIt is very different but it also is very simalar to the tvseries eg, storyline and characterssome characters are added and some are missing, and the order in which things occur are differntim currently watching the series and just started with the comics and they are pretty good,its actually just as intense especially if you were to be buying the comics when they are first released and waiting a week for the next onethe books go for about 3-5$ each or u can download them

Walking dead comic books.

How many are there, are there still more, where can I read online for free(with no viruses and preferably a place with a mobile website)

there are currently 95 issues out right now, and a new one comes out each can download the walking dead comic volumes 1-90 for free at the site below. you can also get the survivor guide which gives you cool background info on all the characters. they also put up a short comic on michonne’s backstory. def satisfies your walking dead fix. the only downside is that you need to take one of those surveys to unlock it.

the walking dead comic/graphic novle.

OK so i want to buy the walking dead book?? i need help what do i get what is the difference between the book graphic novel comics and Compendium what does it mean what should i get and how many are in the Series please help?

There are currently 100 issues of “Walking Dead.”An “issue” is the monthly comic, which runs 22 pages – more or less – plus ads. The so-called “graphic novels” also known as hardbacks or Trade Paperbacks (TPBs) are reprints of the issues in groups of 6-12 or more. The “Compendium” collects issues 1-48.

Are all of the walking dead comics in the hardback books at booksamillion.

How many issues of the walking dead comic books are there so far I’ve only seen 93 of them and are they all in those hardback books at booksamillion and how many books are there I’ve only seen 13 of them

as far as I know, only 4 volumes have come out in hardcover, 12 issues per volume (so it only includes the first 48 issues)

Walking Dead Comic Books….

How many are there total, and as far as the television show what number comic book are we on now.

The most recently released issue was Issue 121.The TV series does not strictly follow the comics. Events often happen differently from the comic books and to different people. However, based on the ending of this last episode, the TV series is approximately around Issue 53.

the walking dead comics.

how long is an issue of the walking dead comics. i’ve read the first 4 books. how many issues are in these books. thanks for any answers.

An issue is about 19-21 pages and I think that they are on issue number 75. Since The Walking Dead is an on-going series, there’s no telling when it will stop. Especially, now that the AMC channel is going to make a cable show about the comic. Should be great! Check out the website for the tv show:…

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21 thoughts on “How Many Comic Books Of The Walking Dead Are There

  1. Season 1: #1-6Unknown the answer is.

  2. pssst…. you can find them on TPB, there 95 issues, you should be able to find a collection up till like 88, then you have to get each one individually, but they are all on there

  3. There are so many. I don’t know of anywhere that sells them all together. But, there’s a bunch here:

  4. If neither of those will work for you, and you can’t find what you want anywhere else, go to and set up a saved search for “The Walking Dead Compendium One” or whatever it is that you want your keyword or keyword phrase to be. You can use the price, exclude word, category, etc. filters to narrow down the results that you received in the e-mails. Great for “Buy It Now”s priced right.

  5. The comics are very different. as an instance, Shane’s death is extensively different the two in terms of time, area, who did it and why. T-dogs, Daryl and Merle do no longer exist interior the comics. quite a few important comics characters have not shown up interior the television sequence. Characters who’re lifeless interior the comics are alive on television as nicely by using fact any opposite direction around. yet word that the comics are lots darker and bleaker than the television sequence.

  6. Second half of four…hard to say

  7. Season 3 and first half of 4: 13-82There is 121 issues with 122 coming out next week.

  8. Here’s a set?:I downloaded the comics because I couldn’t find them online.

  9. The books are extra stories that are canon with the comics.

  10. In terms of where the show is at.

  11. There are 94 issues, and more to come. Reading on-line for free is wrong, buy them or miss out.

  12. I have both im a huge fan there are a ton of comics so you will have to backtrack. I mean a ton. I have the book it was on sale its by robert kirkham as well its amazing

  13. Read real books dear

  14. Satisfactory poem. I used to be just sitting here pondering i’m hoping Carey can provide you with a poem that offers me nightmares tonight. I hope this isn’t a honeymoon destination for you and your new/ancient love. Peace be with you.

  15. Season 2: 10-12 (issues 7-9 were barely touched but the season added a new storyline and hot to the farm earlier then the comic)Here’s another one listed in auction format:

  16. If you find what you want listed in auction format (like the second one listed above), use an eBay auction sniping service such as to bid for you. It’ll bid in the last few seconds of an auction, helping to save you money and avoid shill bidding.

  17. If you desire to learn the entire factor on the excellent cost, get the compendium version. It’s virtually all of the disorders up to now condensed in to 2 books. The comedian is ongoing regardless that, so it’s going to be somewhat in the back of. The exhibit additionally does not comply with the comics that intently. So if you’re anticipating the identical tale and characters, you will be disillusioned.

  18. Oh, I found compendium 1, which is the first 8 volumes:

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