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How To Return Audible Books

How to tame a horse thats had hardly any human contact.

I just got a 3 yr old mare with a 4 mth old colt from someone who didn’t have the money to keep them properly. She is very skittish and doesn’t seem to have any trust, I understand that some of it is from her being a new and very young mother. How can i gain her trust? She doesn’t even know what grain…

It’s gonna take time if you want to gain her trust. The area you described is not that large. So it will work good for you becoming part of her and foals enviroment.I would take the time to just hang around her area. Reading a book, singing out loud, carrying on a conversation with her. As long as you are making audible noises. You can even read your book out loud if you feel awkward having a one way conversation. Use her name in your talking to her.Do not turn your back completely to her when you are around her. I just don’t believe that is safe. More than likely the foal will come up to you first. RESIST the urge to pet the foal at first. Or the mare if she decides to come near you. So many people blow it by rushing to ‘touch’ the animal. Let the mare watch you and come near to you on her terms.This doesn’t mean not to try and get closer to her yourself. But read the horse. If the horse is uncomfortable with you coming near…learn to ‘see’ when she is getting agitated or nervous and getting ready to leave. You want to get close and STOP before she leaves on her own. If you notice her getting ready to run off…turn around and walk away before she does it. The foal will learn quickly to run from humans from his mother.Always keep your movements and body language…non aggressive. Slow movements with hands. Not facing the horse directly. Not making direct eye contact with the horse. If she lets you near…do not go for her face. You want to stroke the shoulder and neck area first. This is for safety too. You can push off a horse from the shoulder or neck, or block a bite, or evade a kick or rear.I’m not a fan of treats…but they can be a useful tool in teaching a horse to come to you. Use carrots or apples if she likes them. If she comes for a treat…resist the urge to pet her the first couple of times. Just give her the treat…and leave.It’s going to take time…every single day. And like I said…most likely the foal will come up first. They are very curious and inquisitive. Don’t scare the foal, and it will return. Maybe with momma following.For the grain…if you’re feeding hay…sprinkle some grain ON TOP of the flake. Just a little at first until she gets to like it. Soon, you can just pour a small amount on top of the hay flake. Soon, I bet she’ll be looking forward to her grain. And it’s also another useful tool to get her to come to you. Once she understands what it is…Don’t forget to talk all the time in a soothing and calm normal voice. Let her associate your voice and presence with good things…and no fear.

I hate to wake up, I wish I could sleep forever…Does anybody feels this way.

I hate my job so much that I don’t want to live. You would say, “go get another job.” I am 42, I do live-in caregiving for Alzheimer’s patient, who talks non-stop same things, asks same questions 100 times. I am thinking to go back to school, either dental assisting, or physical therapy aide. And…

Sorry, Your feeling burned out, and overwhelmed. I have both my parents living in my home, Mom has Alzheimer’s and Dad has Parkinson’s.Plus I work full time at a hospital. At least I have a supporting hubby, unlike your situation. Hope these suggestion will be helpful, I don’t know your whole situation.First- you need to take care of yourself, before you can take care of others. Your overwhelming frustration with your life or indifference toward your job, a persistent irritability, anger and quickness to argue is a clue you are burned out and need to get a tune-up. Take more walks, eat regular, get adequate sleep, get a massage and have your nails done.Second- Look on line for a support group concerning alcoholic spouses. Develop friendships out side of of work or share your feelings with someone you trust and eliminate Negative friend’s.Keep Calling your family for support.Third: Have an outlet, read or do a hobby, exercise and get involved in some activity that gets your mind off work, and relax. I listen to Audible books on tape or music (ear plugs), when my mother is too much.Forth: Seek help for Depression, medication to boost you up, is a world of good. once you feel the tensions mounting, take a healthy step back to fend it off.Going back to school, may be good for you, 42 years old is never to old to return to school. You may even appreciate school better. Your Career counselor could help you decide a new career and how to obtain your goal. You could do studies while doing home care. But try to stick it out at work though, at least till you have other living arrangements/ money……Hope these suggestions help—Gail Disney books free

Any tips on how to be a good superstar in Madden 2006.

I cant figure it out.10 points to the person that helps me the most.

What position are you? or thinking about being?As you answer my question i will edit this post.. So please keep watching mine.I became a superstar with 4 different positions. All within the first 3-4 Seasons.Running Back are probably the easiest to acheive greatness with. I get atleast 100 yards each game and my character broke the single season rushing records and TD’s in a season record. (I was drafted by the Jaguars)First off, your first season should be an easy one. Run and run hard. Make sure to use the truck stick as well as the jukes. I would also highly suggest you move your own player to first string. Another good idea is to add him as a KR (kick returner) This will help you to learn the juke buttons and when to use them.Make sure to go through your gameplan ATLEAST once a week. Yours coaches will elt you know which plays should be the ebst against the opposing teams defenses. Run the gameplan plays for a little while.Another GREAT tip is to not jsut rush with your back. Make sure you throw to him and get a minimum of 5 TD receptions in the season. I throw to my back anywhere from 3-6 times a game. This will confuse the AI system.On first downs, use as many DIFFERENT rushing plays as you are familiar with. If you learn a good chunk of the play book you will be able to get atleast 5-7 yards on first downs.Yet another tip I would consider of is not to rush al the time. The AI system will learn soon enough that all you do is rush. Towards the beginning of each game, come out throwing to some WR’s. Even if it is only for 10 yards or so.The biggest tip i can give is to make sur eyou change your plays up. NEVER use the same play 3 times in a row. And if you insist on doing that same play more then once, you should change the direction.if you need more help let me know.——More—–Well I am not really sure as to what the Eagle’s playbook is like. But on occasion (once per drive or so) Try a play called the HB DEEP.. This play sends the half back down the middle of the field. As you play more seasons this will be less effective. But on your first season you should blow away competition…If you take ANYTHING from this, please remember most that your Running back can catch the ball… And sometimes that will do some heavy damage. The more often you throw, the more the opponent will drop their coverage into the secondary which opens up HUGE gaps for your running back.—– Even More ——-I had to look this up on my stats page in the game… lol(first season)Rushing Yards — 1,724Rushing TD’s — 33Receiving Yards — 1,108Receiving TD’s — 9Kick Return Yards — 879KR TD’s — 2—— Continued —–I would do a day or two.. it isn’t really that big of a deal(the second season is where you do your damage)—— Let’s See ——If you are allowed to get an agent that allows you to got to the Performance Institute, then make sure to go there every week. It allows you to get your stats up temporarily.And if you choose a rushing play, sometimes you should choose to do the following.. Pick the play as usual but press the left analog stick in the opposite direction of which the play was originally intended to go. (it should make the play go in the opposite direction)For example.. you chose a play that goies to the right. The AI system will sometime audible and block the side you are going to run. But if you use my tip, you can switch directions without calling a timeout and totally fool the opposing defense. They will be caught with too many guys on the right side while you escape to the left.

How would you rate the begining of my book from 1-10.I revised it twice..

My life seemed to take a drastic turn based on the events that followed a particular Halloween tradition at my school. I was only 11.Ms.Crystal, the 6th grade teacher was passing out flyers for the 6th grade annual “Haunted Cemetary” field trip as she always did at this time of year.As was the…

1, if I could go lower, I would.The idea and the writing is plain horrid. Can you please develop your own plot next time? And learn how to write engagingly. I was so bored for all of it, I almost didn’t finish! Use some writing strategies, like foreshadowing and creative repetition and metaphors. Be descriptive, but not overly so. And develop you characters, because even in a short piece, I don’t think that your characters are interesting at all. Raven is so typical. A rebellious teen who is “unique” and meets a vampire boy. Wow. So great.

Audio books, streaming… Like netflix.

Are there any sites that offer *Streaming* or instant play audio books online?NOT! You have to purchase and download there. I just want to listen once, but I want a selection that I can pick from.I am not looking for free sites or anything, I’ll pay for an account. But ,I don’t want to… has free downloadable audiobooks, but only if the books are in the public domain. I regret that I don’t know of a site with newer books like the one you describe, but try libraries. Oftentimes, you can get books on CD for free at your local library and then you can put them into your computer, rip the audiotracks, and return the CD to the library. That’s how I listened to 1776.

I have an i Book Special Edition laptop (mac) – – How do i save my conversations from Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Help says to go to the “File menu” on Yahoo Messenger and click on the “Save As” button, and then name the file. I do NOT have the “Save As” option on this menu.

yahoo’s version of Messenger for Mac users is a tad lacking compared to their windows version. v3.0 (beta) doesnt give us all the same features as v8 for windows but its without doubt an improvement on v2.5.3…. and despite v3 now have animated smileys, stealth settings, drag n drop file transfer, and WLM friends…. we still dont have features such as Voice, IMV’s, audibles etc and they appear to have dropped the ability to save IM sessions in the 1st beta but I believe this is expected to return in the 2nd :)so if you are using v3 I’m afraid you’re out of luck at the moment.v2.5.3 which you can still download it from……has the option to save IM sessions manually, the IM session window that has the conversation you wish to save, must still be open..Yahoo! Messenger tool bar > File > Save Asor if you use yahoo’s web messengerhttp://web.imor will automatically save your conversations.. but it lacks features like webcam, file transfer etc

How were the 5 books of the Old Testament written.

There is a lot of intricate detail such as the laws and regulations. When God dictated this to Moses was it through an audible voice or through inspiration or an impression.

Moses went up to Mount Horeb several times, remaining on two occasions for a period of 40 days and nights( ex24:18;34:28).after the first of these occasions he returned with two stone tables”written on by Gods fingers” containing “the ten words” or the Ten commandments basic laws of the Law Convenient”Prior to this event Moses went up the mountain. God called Moses into The Mountain and by means of an Angel ,spoke with im. On one occasion Moses was privileged to have what was probably the most awe inspiring experience of any man prior to the coming of Jesus Christ. High in the MOuntains,alone,Jehovah gave him a vision of his glory,putting his palm over Moses as a screen,allowing Moss to see his Back evidently the after glow of this Divine manifestation of glory.Then he spoke to Moses personally EX19;1-3: 33-38 34;4-6e ;

How would you describe a person in shock to a writer.

I’m working on a scene in my book and I’m not sure how to describe it.How does their skin look and feel?Verbal functions?Facial expressions?Any other information would be helpful. Thanks. 🙂

To me, shock is when their body doesn’t know how to react, it sorta just…shuts down. Their face goes slack, mouth slightly open, body unmoving, and color draining from their face as they stare wide-eyed at something no one else can see. They just freeze up to a point where you can hardly see them breathing, but when shock begins to melt away, everything returns slowly.They might let out a sudden sigh, open their mouth to speak. Snap it shut. Gulp. Then with a little more success they say something, but it comes out raspy, barely audible. They might have to walk it off a little bit, or depending on how shocked they truly are, someone might have to escort them to a chair. Feeling light-headed and possibly disoriented, while their mind begins buzzing with whatever shocked them. They might wipe their brow, trying to block the memory out in order to cool off.If they’re shocked with good news, their physical reaction would probably be the same, but instead of showing fear afterward, it might be overwhelming happiness where they need to sit down, laugh a whole lot at how ridiculous they’re being. Might even shed some joyous tears.

Can I get a credit back if I return a book on Audible.

I have a monthly membership on Audible, so I get 1 credit every month. I currently have 3 books on Audible, and I have finished one. I don’t plan on listening to it again, since I recently got the actual physical version of it. I know how to return the audiobook to Audible, but if I do return it, will I receive…

You probably won’t be able to get a credit back. Once you keep the book past a certain amount of time, you can’t get a refund for it because they assume you have listened to it.

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39 thoughts on “How To Return Audible Books

  1. PS. Parelli is fine for some but I personally had no use for the touchy feely crap. Horses are herd animals not rational people. 🙂 And don’t put her in a small area! She will just end up feeling trapped! Small pen yes, stall no! Also no whips, halters, lounge lines, ropes or shoots. I spent 5 years running ponies into a trailer and working them into riding horses. They had zero contact with humans, sometimes negative contact. So just be consistent, quite and approach her normal. If you act weird she will be weird. Plus once you get her used to one way of you being around her it will freak her out if you change your behaviour.Facial: Mouth either shut tight in straight line or open slightly and shaking like they may try to say something but can’t find the words.Eyes are usually wide and staring. Breathing becomes like hyperventilating. Short harsh gasps.

  2. It starts off rather slow… I can see that it picks up later on, but you need to drag the reader in right away, from the very beginning.

  3. Put her ina small yard or round pen and go in with a deck chair and read a book. tie a halter or practice your singing. don’t try and get her to come to you, just show her that hey i’m not out to get you, just doing my own thing and in time she’ll become a accustomed to you.Good luck with that! I have seen some horses like that worked but have no experience myself.

  4. 9 your just about there,I liked it a lot.

  5. Verbal: In my case – not at all. Just silent and frozen. Imagine you just saw the most horrific thing of your life – how would you respond? Horrible news – would you cry or just freeze like – what the heck just happened?? If they do speak its out of confusion so it would be quiet, shakey and monotone.Not bad; I have an idea where you’re going with it and I LIKE IT! I’d rate it at a 6 right now and suggest adding a section that shows us that she is alone when these “boys” approach her. To set the mood a little more for the reader.

  6. and forget your ex mate, let him crawl back to his hole

  7. PS: If you have emailed me lately I promise Im not ignoring you 😛 My email hasnt been working. Sorry. How are you doing with your neck and things?

  8. just remember there is no quick fix to this and it may take a while for it to work

  9. Anti-depressants pescribed by a psychiatrist/doctor are always helpful.When shes in pasture sit or lean against the rail so she gets used to you being around. Dont try touching her yet. Show her a treat then put it some where and walk away. so she knows that your good/nice. Dont bother touching the colt yet wait till the mom trusts you. And are you positive you got the right info on the mare because having a baby at 3 for horses is very rare and dangerous.


  11. You can, but the system is set up to protect itself from scammers like you. Once you’ve pulled this scam a few times you’ll be banned.

  12. They may also hold their ches or clutch onto something nearby for support.Hope I helped 🙂

  13. SO, I would say, mouth gaping slightly, pale but warm, eyes unfocused. Won’t respond when spoken to, or is irritable and snaps at people.

  14. you need to talk to her on a daily basis from a good close as she will let you. eventually she’ll let you come closer. when that starts happening, you can try SLOWLY approaching her with your hand out. if she touches your hand, let her sniff it first then slowly pet her. never do any quick movements around her. and talk very quietly and sweetly to her..for encouragement. this can be done for the colt too. and about the grain thing..just put whatever feed you feed her in a bucket or something and leave it out..she’ll eventually get curious and taste it on her own. :]

  15. Because Apple has done nothing but please their wallets by conning you people into buying that proprietary crap. They don’t care about their customers wants. They decide what THEY want you to do. I’ll take my freedom of choice in what I do with my PC. Why do you people suppose that Windows systems STILL outsell Macs 95 to 5? Because smart people know better than to buy that crap.

  16. or you can get her in the cattle crush throw a headstall on her and a 10 metre lead line and put her in the round yard and get her over it quick…either or

  17. Good Luck! 🙂

  18. Pale, trembling, staring into distance

  19. The next time you’re alone, have a warm bath and think, what can you imagine yourself doing in 5 years time? Is it being a dental assistant, or a physical therapy aid.Just keep with her. If you can get her in a small space you can get closer. If you are patient and quite she will come around. Also, if she is getting fed hay, you should do it. It will make her see that you are her food source.Remove everything from your life that is upsetting you soo much if it isn’t worth it.The widely accepted theory is that the Pentateuch initially consisted of four source documents, conventionally labelled J, D, P and E. Assuming that is correct, J was written in the tenth century BC, E a couple of centuruies later, D probably in the late seventh century, and P in the fourth century. The theory goes that these were interwoven in the third century to produce the Pentateuch. The Pentateuch was then subdivided again to give the current books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

  20. Good luck and happy trailsAlso, if the foal approaches don’t shy away. If she sees that you won’t harm her young she may be more open to contact.

  21. Talk to her. Pet her when you can. Approach her in a normal but quite way. To slow and you will look like a predator stalking her or her young. The more you are around the better she will be.

  22. no affence but its really boring

  23. What it sounds like you’re describing is DEPRESSION.

  24. Tachycardia, flushing/sweating, and general signs of a panic attack often occur.

  25. Person In Shock

  26. First try to put her in a a round pen and try to get her to come to you. If she’ll already come to you then try massaging her. take two fingers and go around her muzzle taking circle movements around and around go up through her whole head she’ll get really relaxed and then try taking bigger steps.

  27. I don’t know if you mean the five books of the Pentateuch. There are 39 books in the Old Testament, of which the Pentateuch is a part.

  28. I’ve been in shock a few times throughout my life and saw a few others also so I will try my best to help you out :)Parelli Natural Horsemanship!

  29. Forget Moses and fast forward until the establishment of the Kingdom Of Judea as a client state by Cyrus the Great in about 530BC.

  30. Get counselling and progress from there. What you’re feeling is common and you CAN get better.Moses wrote Exodus via Deuteronomy, yet Joshua complete the final bankruptcy with reference to the demise of Moses. there have been approximately ten authors of Genesis, and previous to the flood what have been written replaced into taking with aboard the ark. Adam wrote the 1st few chapters and Joseph wrote the final chapters. Moses wrote Genesis utilising those previous documents. you will possibly choose to call Moses the editor. Jesus quoted from those 5 books and consistently mentioned that Moses replaced into the author.

  31. Confusion, disorientation, impaired judgment, cannot respond to stimuli, a sort of stupor. It can go into a state of anxiety, depression, agitation and over activity.learn the play book

  32. i have never had any experience trying to tame a horse that has had virtually no human contact. TO get started i have 2 suggestions for you:I like it, kinda building off of twilight a little but i want to hear the rest, email me when you get it done.

  33. if you’re thinking of buying a laptop you should check out this site first. they give you a sony vaio laptop for FREE! all you need to do is complete a few quick tasks for them.

  34. It sounds like you’re sick of complaning from people you’re helping, and slowness. Being a dental assistant, they don’t talk as much as a physical aid would.1. Put her and the colt in a stall (a large one tho not a box stall) and bring a chair or a bucket in when u walk in and sit on it. Put your back towards the horses and they will start to act curious about what you are doing in their stall. Slowly they will come up to you and when they do have a big handful of treats ready for them. HOpefully after a while of doing that you can gain their trust.

  35. The 5 books were written as heroic myth to justify the newly made rulers and to provide a constitution for the new kingdom.

  36. 2. If you have a round pen or a small ring try bringing only the mare in there. Bring a lunge whip and just make her start running in circles. After about 5 minutes of running have her stop (u dont need a halter or lead rope/lunge line for this) and turn your back toward her. Just like with sitting in her stall hopefully she will come up to you. When she does come up to you give her lots of treats. then take her back to her stall and sit in there for a while with both mom and baby.

  37. Skin look/feel: Usually pretty pale. The expression “looks like you just saw a ghost” fits well here. Just frozen in place, loss of color to skin, either could be shaking/trembling or absolutely still. Jerky movements or non at all. Depends on person.Is she and her foal just going to be a pet or are you thinking of them as future riding animals?it relatively is programming, like a hundred and one start up log wrap line *and different language stuff* HTML,Ruby,JRE end log /view log (xyz_yahoo.xml) is a little greater code than that, yet it relatively is the fundamental technique.

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