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How To Distribute Books

Publishing a book……how to start.

Hello. Im writing a teen novel and should be done soon (hopefully). I have never published before and i am only 16. I know most people dont become writers and get to be known like Sarah Dessen or Stephenie Meyer, but i know i have something to show the world. Maybe say im quite a good writer since i write many…

I still usually suggest to people of a younger age looking to get a book out there (like me). I’d be delighted to help with the editing process if you like ([email protected]).Agents are really great if you serious about getting a profit or such from your book, but it seems more like you have something you want to share. Lulu is probably one of the most popular publishing sites (if not the most) and you can also get printed copies from them to sell if you want, or to just give out.As for tips… not really. After you’ve got your work finished and gotten some people to look at it and finished the editing, you just upload it to one of these sites. People go through and read the books because they’re free and oftentimes excellent. They’ll give you feedback and if you’re book gets popular you can actually get a lot of veiwership. Some people have used this popularity to do books later (often sequels) for some profit. These people who do well like this aren’t really aiming for the profit so much as just doing something they love to do though, so make sure it’s still about that (so cliche… sorry).I’ve read through the other answers here and it just doesn’t seem like you’re looking for getting an agent and all of that. Again, that’s if you’re looking for a profit. Some people do very well with making a profit on books when they’re young, look at Paolini. If you’re looking for a publisher, look in the acknowledgements of a book similar to yours and find the agent. It’s really pretty simple, but actually doing it is probably a bit of a hassle. Really, you don’t lose money with an agent. Agents and publishers generally only ask for cuts, taking the gamble that your book will sell. This is why I suggest going to some site like Lulu and publishing something there first. Distribute the book online some and get reviews and then see if you can get some popularity on Lulu. Then the publishers are more likely to give you a chance. It’s pretty rare for a book by young people like us to sell really well though.

How to Publish a book.

Our son wrote a story that we thought was cute. He said he’d like to publish it for out family and friends. He just turned seven and was six at the time he wrote it so we wanted to publish it with the way it is with all the words that are not spelled correctly and all kind of like for a keep sake every place I…

Hi. Your son is extremely talented at a young age. It is actually a good start if he gets to have something published and distributed to the market this early. I would suggest that you scout for self-publishing companies that provide services that will cater to your son’s book’s requirement. A picture book with illustrations and text is ideal for the type of book he will submit and I know that Xlibris does top quality picture books.Your son’s book will be published, protected and distributed globally for everyone’s buying perusal. The good thing about self-publishing companies is that they are Print On Demand and your son’s book will be listed under a database for a lifetime.At such a young age, his career will be geared into writing, publishing, book signings and who knows. Good luck to him and your family 🙂

2nd grade books

How many ways are there to distribute the books if the books are all different and there is no restriction on the number…..

There’s 5 different books and 20 kids• How many ways are there to distribute the books if the books are all different and there is no restriction on the number of books that can be given to any kid.

Book 1 can go to any of 20 kids, then for each allocation book 2 can go to 20 kids etc.distributions = 20^5 = 2^5×10^5 = 3 200 000 <----

How to distribute this.

1st: Q = 10(L,K) ^0.5The book says: that the partial derivitve equals:5 K/L with respect to L and 5 L/K with respect to K.But how do they come up with 5?

Probably the question is to find partial derivatives of the expression:Q = 10*(L*K)^0.5 = 10*sqrt(L*K)In this case dQ/dL = 5*sqrt(K/L) and dQ/dK = 5*sqrt(L/K), where sqrt(x) = x^0.5 is square root of x.

I am writing a free eBook on the topic of Earn money online but i don’t know how to distribute it.

Please tell me how to distribute it to lots of people

Find an E Book distributing site. like you are done.Then you have to get someone to give it away,do you have any friends that blogs, or have a website? Ask them if they could put the link to the E book there,then if it’s popular, more people will get it.

how to distribute salary .

There are 14 men with the minimum salary of any of them being 8k, average salary 10 k and maximum salary 14k .The number of people who have the salary of at least 12k is AT MOST how many ?Answer given in my book is 6 .how ?please explain your solution.

Since there is already a cap, one person has a salary of 14.To maximize the number of people, put the ‘big’ salary at 12 and the low salary at 8.The average is 10, thus the total is 140.140 – 14 = 126.We need to solve the number of people ,x, with big salaries…12x + 8(13-x) ≤ 140 – 144x + 104 ≤ 1264x ≤ 22 … thus the maximum number for x is 5.There can be at most 5 people with salary of 12k and one with salary of 14k.Thus there are 6 people.§

What’s the best way to distribute an independent comic book.

Color cover, 32 black & white interior pages. Initial press run of 5000 copies. Professional-grade art and stories by a group of four middle-aged guys who decided to collaborate on an old-school horror comic ala “Creepy” or “Eerie”.

The best way to distribute your book is to figure out what your comic’s target niche is and start marketing to that group. Going through Diamond really won’t net you many sales without a “name” attached to the book – average for an indy book through Diamond is under 250 copies these days, and most comic shops aren’t interested in small press books.Since your book is horror, I’d target horror conventions, try to get coverage in horror magazine (also run some ads in the mags with a tracking code so you know how successful each ad is), try contact shops that cater to the heavy metal type crowd. There are a ton of alternative distribution channels for a book like yours.Check the link below for a ton of articles on marketing indy comics outside of regular comic book channels.

I’m a new and young publisher, how can I talk to bookstore owners to distribute my books.

What’s the usual business protocol?

first list books online(ebay) another give book shops your price for the books and there suggested book sell for the consumers.start also by promoting your books to local bookfairs and find people who are interested in the book you have to offer such as youths or mature readers…..

how to publish and distribute a children’s book.

my sister wrote a story for a childrens book. How do we edit, publish and distribute the book?

Edit–start off by asking an english teacher to help you edit it. Then look up the addresses for several publishing companies such as dover or scholastic (ones that print children’s books) and send them copies of the typed manuscript. Distribution of the book may lie with the publisher, if not, take copies of the published book to local book stores and ask if they would like to sell it.

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  3. You should also look for ‘zine festivals or conventions, since ‘zines are specifically indie magazines or any sort of indie printed materials.You should also create a website for your comic, with maybe some sample pages or concept art. You might also want to think about going digital completely, since there’s been a slew of webcomics that have gotten popular enough that publishers actually gone to them to get their stuff published in print (PvP, Penny Arcade, Sinfest, Shortpacked, etc).

  4. PS If the problem said how many have a salary MORE than exactly 12k, then the answer would be 6.

  5. That’s because 7(12) + 7(8) = 84 + 56 = 140, which divded by 14 is still an average of 10.

  6. Edit it many times to make it as good as it can be. Put it in a drawer, and don’t even think about it, for a month or two, then take it out and edit it some more.or see if anyone is interested in it by giving people a preview and depending on success rates go to a bookstore and ask if they want to stock your comic bookwhen you derive, you pull down the .5…so it is 10*.5=5 is how they come up with the five.;

  7. Tomato Turtle: A Trip to the Park

  8. Except for postage, the entire process of getting an agent is **FREE**, until your book is bought by a publisher. That is when the agent gets their cut, usually 15%, of the money that goes to you. Run away from any agent that asks for money upfront. If you decide to self-publish, then you will pay up to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on the publisher. Also, the marketing of the book is totally up to you.

  9. Hurrah, that’s what I was exploring for! Thanks op of this question.

  10. 0.5*10=5

  11. I haven’t really considered it

  12. [DELDUP()]0.5 x 10 = 5

  13. Your book is wrong. If 7 people make 12k and 7 make 8k, the average is still 10k.Author

  14. Type it in proper manuscript form ( has the details on what is needed).

  15. Expect the whole process to take lots of time, and plan on lots of rejections. When you are accepted by an agent, they will send your book to publishers, not you.

  16. Question not clear

  17. Thomas Strock

  18. Those books will have something about writing a query letter, which is what you send to the agent first. It’s half synopsis of your book, and half explanation as to why your book should be published. You have only that one-page letter to wow the agent, so take the time to make it a good one.

  19. Check out this website for more info:

  20. Finish writing your book (obvious, I know).

  21. Hi,Get it proofread by someone who knows what they are doing (do not rely only on spellcheck).Instead of bookstores, how about See if you can get a distributor, like Ingram. If you contact bookstores, call a few local ones.

  22. what is your book on champ?

  23. 20P5 = 20x19x18x17x16 = 1860480

  24. Visit or, at the library or bookstore, look for Writer’s Market 2010, Jeff Herman’s Guide to Literary Agents or Bowker’s Literary Marketplace. Look for agents that handle your genre, and are looking for new clients. Read, and follow, their submission guidelines.

  25. You have several options available to you: 1. Publish on-line through your own Web site 2. Publish your own volume of poetry by financing the project yourself 3. Become one of the chosen few by becoming a first place winner of a poetry contest in which the winner’s work is published by the entity that sponsored the competition The poetry market is a very small one. Thus publishers aren’t eager to publish books of poetry unless the volume is an anthology or is written by a poet of repute. Get started now by learning more about your craft, your specific style, etc. Join a writer group or poetry group to get feedback as well as support for your writing. FInd venues that will give you exposure, such as open mic nights when you can read your poetry aloud to a live audience. Then look into poetry competitions (those that are & are not on-line) that are worth pursuing. Specifically, check out past competition winners, which will give you clues as to the types of poetry a specific journal tends to publish. Does your poetry fit their needs? If not, move on. A very helpful aid in this regard would be the most current edition of Poet’s Market, which is available at Borders or Barnes & Noble. And, be realistic. It may take much longer than 2 years before you’re a published poet…whether by a small, relatively unknown journal or well-known one. Even the most well=known poets have trouble publishing their stuff. Good luck! Go get ’em!

  26. I don’t think you mean “distribute” here. that’s like a(b+c) = ab + bc. taking the derivative, even a partial derivative, you use the “power rule”. ie, df/dx of x^2 is 2x. another, df/dx of 4x^3 is 12x^2. so dQ/dL is (0.5)(10)Q^(0.5-1) = 5Q^(-0.5)

  27. I hope this answered some of your questions.

  28. Go online, find a publisher you like and submit your manuscript. Remember, it takes most authors lots of tries submitting their manuscript to different publishers. Let’s say you have a publisher that likes your book and gives you a contract to print your book. Now you go through editing which doesn’t take a lot on your part. Next (if your book requires this) is illustration. Most of the time the publisher has hired illustrators to work on your book. That step is easy unless you choose to hire someone separately or draw them yourself. Now your book starts the printing process. This is your time to start the hardest part in publishing a book…MARKETING. Most people who dive blindly into publishing a book don’t get. Unless you are a famous author YOU the author are expected to do most of the marketing for your book. That means getting a website, contacting book stores, contacting media, and a lot more! This is very hard work. If you a prepared to give up a significant amount of time to promote your book, this is fine. If you expect to sit on your couch and wait for your first paycheck you are sadly mistaken. Put the effort in and it will pay off. I hope I answered your question and If you would like some more specific questions answered about publishing please feel free to contact me through my website then click “contact”. Good luck!

  29. [/DELDUP]

  30. Publishing is free. You don’t pay to have your work published. First off you need to make sure your work is edited to the best of your ability. You can put it away for a while, then come back to it later. The time lapse will open your eyes to things you can fix and improve on. Most publishers won’t read unsolicited manuscripts, which means you need to find an agent to represent you. In order to get an agent you must submit a query letter to them. It could take several months to get one. Agents can reject or ask for a partial or full of your manuscript, if they like your query letter. Once you land an agent, your parents will need to sign the contract since you’re under 18. Then the agent will suggest revisions for you to make. After you make them your novel will go on submission to several publishing houses. If a publishing house chooses to represent you then you’ll be published. If no, publishing house wants to, then you might have to trunk your novel. Getting an agent to represent your novel doesn’t guarantee that it will be published.EbayThere are very few publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts (those that don’t go through a literary agent), so getting an agent is a very good idea.

  31. feel free to promote it at this ‘genre’ link i moderate:Good luck!

  32. starting up your human being organisation is an formidable and comendable endeavour……… even if evaluate for a second there are multiple small publishing businesses and extremely few human beings understand of them and their titles are even a lot less properly common. the large 5 are wonder, DC, photo, red Dynamite and IDW, talked about heavily by skill of Zenescope that is gaining traction. start up value could be important and also you’re basically going to achieve fulfillment in case you’ll get your titles properly common and then you’re going to could branch out and handle different peoples titles and then their fulfillment or failure relies upon on your element comittment in the course of promoting etc and so on. Kickstarters are an excellent thanks to move, yet again the fulfillment or failure is iffy at in simple terms suitable and look at were given to create incentives to attraction to human beings to make investments, and so on, and so on. even if, if you’re suitable about wonder and DC and that i does not recommend operating for those bastards besides, you’re incorrect about photo. photo are all about author Owned works and could promote your provide you the outcomes you want and make confident its exceptionally distributed. photo have their huge 5 titles (Witchblade, The Darkness – quickly to end – Artifacts, Cyberforce and Aphrodite IX) yet they’re put up infinite genres of reports, all you’re able to do is catch their activity. attempting with them first is a hell of so a lot extra priceless than attempting to get a buisness up and operating. a minimum of in case you’ll get your foot contained in the door, you could income the first hand adventure and figure out all the information that move into operating a publishing buisness

  33. Go around to comic book stores, see if they want to buy your comic to sell

  34. I hope that helps!! 🙂

  35. Without an agent, who knows who reach, you have little chance to reach anyone.

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