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How Many Books In The Twilight Series

How many books are there in the Twilight series.

There are three out: Twilight, New Moon, and EclipseOn August 2, Breaking Dawn will be out!!I think that’s the last book in the series…in Bella’s view anyway.Midnight Sun, which comes out after Breaking Dawn, will be Twilight in Edward Cullen’s point of view.*I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!*

how many books are in the twilight series.

just wondering since i want to read the books. Relationship books free

How many books are in the Twilight Book Series. .

There are four:- Twilight- New Moon- Eclipse- Breaking DawnStephenie Meyer may also be bringing out a new book called “Midnight Sun” which is Twilight in Edward’s perspective. She has the partial draft posted on her website.

How many books are in the Twilight series and what are there names.

I am a big fan of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and I need to know how many books are in the series, their names, and if there are going to be any more coming out. If there are,when? Thanks a lot!!!

Does anybody know how many books are in the twilight series.

I love the book twilight and i’m on the first. I know theres 3 but is the 3rd one the last one?

Actually, there are 5 books in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Down, and Midnight Sun. Only Twilight and New Moon are out right now, but Eclipse is scheduled to be on the shelves by August 7, 2007. So no, the third one isn’t the last one.Hope I helped! I love the Twilight books a lot too…. Good luck.

how many books r there going to be in the twilight series.

the question?

There is one more scheduled for release in Fall of 2008. It’s tentatively titled, “Breaking Dawn.

How many books are in the Twilight series.

I know there are 3 soon to be 4 books out. But is that the last one coming or are there more planned to be written? If so how many? If Bella ever becomes a vampire they need to make another one at least to tell us what her thought on being one is.

Nope. Only four books. Don’t worry, though. Breaking Dawn is supposed to be about 700 pages long. You may or may not know this, But Stephenie Meyer is also in the process of writing 2 more books. The books cover Twilgiht, and part of New Moon, but from Edward Cullen’s perspective. The first is titled Midnight Sun, the second books title is unknown.

How many books are in the twilight series.

are the books good?

There are 4 books in the twilight series. There are Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, and Breaking dawn. And yes the twilight series is very interesting. I know because I read all of them. Hope that helps

How many books are in the twilight series.

Please help thanks =]

There are 4 books in the series currently. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. She also wrote a companion book called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and part of Midnight Sun, a book from Edward’s point of view. Meyer stopped it, however, because some got leaked onto the internet.

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  1. 2: New Moon4. Breaking Dawn1. Twilight1. twilight!1. Twilight

  2. ————————————–…There are Four,Twilight,New moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn,Im a huge twilight fan and i personally LOVE THEM

  3. There are four books 🙂 twilight, new moon,eclipse, and then breaking dawn. Hope this helps! 😀

  4. The 4th one is the last to be written in Bellas POVTwilight4 or 5!

  5. Stephenie Meyer also has The Host, but it’s not part of the Twilight Series.

  6. 4th comes August 2ndthenthere is going to be a 5th book but idk when that is coming out because Stephenie Meyer postponed it, its called Midnight Sun and is going to be in Edward’s perspective.

  7. – Eclipse

  8. well there is one called The Host but thats already out and i dont know for sure if it has anything to do with Twilight. Breaking Dawn (the fourth book coming out on August 2) is the last book in the Twilight series; Stephenie is not going to write any more Twilight books after that.

  9. 2. New Moon

  10. – Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn is the final book in the twilight series. Midnight Sun is Twilight but its in Edward’s point of view.

  11. 2. New Moon3.ecLipseMeyer is also working on a version of Twilight from Edward’s point of view, called Midnight Sun.

  12. xxx GG

  13. Breaking Dawn (4)4: Breaking Dawn1. twilightI have read all four. My favorite was Breaking Dawn because a lot moreToo many.

  14. 5. Midnight sun (edward is narrating the story instead of Bella!)

  15. 4. Breaking Dawn

  16. New Moon (2)You can read the first chapter on the author’s website.There are 4 the first is Twilight the second is new moon the third is eclipse and the fourth is Breaking Dawn. No they are not because they are very dull.

  17. She has written two more books for the series, Breaking Dawn which is a continuation and Midnight Sun which is twilight from Edward’s point of view.

  18. If you liked twilight you should read The Host also by Stephenie.

  19. Midnight Sun( It’s Twilight form Edward’s POV)—————————–There are four books, as mentioned by the others, and I’m not going to tell you that they are horrible and they suck, nor am I going to tell you that they are amazing and good. I will tell you, that after getting caught in the insanity of it and reading them each six times, I learned that they are kind of crappy. Bella’s really..stupid, whiny, unable to live without Edward, and (ha ha) she has necrophilia (she screws dead things and she loves it). And Edward’s just creepy. Pedophile, stalker, sissy vamp. I mean, c’mon! The series are not about vampires even! They’re about sparkly human-like creatures who drink blood that’s from forest creatures, and not humans. The series kills vampires, truly. But hey, a lot of people I know absolutely adore the books, and you might too. Different people have different tastes. I’d suggest just borrowing the first one from the library or a friend and not buying it unless you really like it.

  20. There are 4:-EclipseThere is the first (obviously)there are 4 books4 books. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. They are very good! You might want to quit reading them because the beginning of Twilight is slow, but they get better! And Emmett and Rosalie are the BEST!!!

  21. >9000

  22. In the Twilight SAGA there are four (4) books:1. Twilight

  23. 3. EclipseNew Moon

  24. The link is at the bottom of the page.Breaking DawnSo far, we only know of one more coming out, besides Breaking Dawn.4. Breaking Dawn (coming out August 2nd)- New Moon

  25. I dreamed of it. It was creepy. But then I finished the series and whenThe Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, an encyclopedia about all things Twilight.

  26. 4 in the twilight series plus midnight sun

  27. 2. New MoonMeyer is considering writing more twilight books of Renesmee and her family and the imprinting situation with Jacob. And if she doesn’t write the books, then she has given rights over to filming companies to make other ones from their own ideas.

  28. thenMeyer is writting a book called Midnight Sun which is like Twilight but from Edwards POV

  29. 4 total

  30. Twilight (1)There’s four books out as of now.i liked the books(:

  31. Hope this helped.

  32. Midnight Sun is simply Twilight, but it’s from Edward’s perspective. You can read the first few chapters on SMeyer’s website, but it might not be made into a book. Some scum bag leaked it on the internet when she wasn’t done with it and she was pretty upset.

  33. 2. New MoonTwilight

  34. Breaking Dawn will be the last for the series in Bella’s perspective, but she said she still won’t give up the Cullen Clan, so she might make some more books from other character’s perspectives.

  35. They are all really amazing, don’t listen to the people who say it’s terrible, because most of them haven’t even read it! Give it a chance, it’s easy to love(:

  36. dramatic and intense things happen and Eclipse was probably the worst.- EclipseThe Graphic Novels (Vol. 1 & 2)

  37. – And the spin off book based on a small character in the 4 book is called ‘The short second life of Bree Tanner’As others have expressed, there are currently three (3) books in the Twilight Series: Twilight; New Moon; and Eclipse, and these have all been released. Breaking Dawn, the fourth (4) and final book of the series is set to be released in August of this year. These four books tell the story of Bella, the protagonist of the series. Following this, in 2009, Midnight Sun will be released, which explores the story of Edward Cullen, at the same time of the events in Twilight. At this point in time, we are unsure whether any more novels related to Stephenie Meyer’s wonderful world of vampires will be written and/or released.

  38. I believe there will be 12 books. 4 books in Bella’s view, 4 books in Edward’s view, and 4 books in Jacob’s point of view. I know there is all ready a book called midnight sun which is in Edward’s point of view so, why not do the whole series?

  39. there is 4 – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn-New MoonIt will probably be out in 2009.- Twilight:)

  40. Eclipse (3)3. eclipse!!!there was no more to read, I realized how stupid the books actually were.2. New moonEclipse5. Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s POV)

  41. 4 main books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse Breaking Dawn[DELDUP()]

  42. Please use the search bar next time. It’s really not that hard.

  43. the third one isnt out yet and i cant wait and i think shes making a book of the first one trew edwards point of view

  44. 2. new moon!!They are really good 🙂

  45. 4. Breaking Dawn (August 2, 2008)(Last book of Bella’s story)But Stephenie is now writing Midnight Sun which is Twilight but it will be written from Edwards point of view. We do not know if she will re do the whole series (hope so). If you go on you can read the first chapter – it’s good!There are 4 with one spin off books. They go in the order of:1: TwilightMidnight sun is the only one we know about. It’s just Twilight in Edwards POV[/DELDUP]♥,

  46. Breaking Dawnxoxo

  47. Midnight Sun is a companion novel, a re-telling of Twilight from Edwards point of view. You can read the leaked 12 chapters (which have been made available on Stephenie’s website, due to the fact that she will not be publishing MS for a while) on Stephenie’s website.Enjoy!

  48. – New Moon1. Twilight4. breaking dawn!!!!5 if you count one that hasn’t, and might not be released.————————————–…Eclipse3

  49. Enjoy!-Twilight4. Breaking dawn -will be out this aug 2 2008- Breaking DawnThe Short Second life of Bree Tanner, a spin-off about a character appearing in Eclipse.

  50. While I was reading all four, I was literately obsessed with it.revolve their lives around the series, so it’s up to you.

  51. You can read the first chapter here…If you do decide to buy the books, I suggest you buy them in hardback, as they will be kept in better condition and it is likely that the Official Guide and MS will be published in hardback too. I don’t know about you, but I hate half a series in paperback, the other in hardback. Its all or nothing with me.

  52. There is:

  53. Number 4 will be the last in the series :(- Twilight

  54. 3. Eclipse3

  55. But that’s just my opinion, millions of other people

  56. emm… 4 i think

  57. 4 + midnight sun

  58. the 1st one is called twilight. the 2nd one is called new moon. the 3rd one, which didnt come out yet, is called eclipse. theres gonna be a movie 4 twilight and i cant wait 2 see it cuz i love the books so f***ing much!!!!!

  59. 3. Eclipse3. Eclipse

  60. -Midnight Sun-Breaking Dawnand coming soon:New Moon3: Eclispe

  61. How everything ended and this order:

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