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How Much Do College Students Spend On Books

How much do school bookstores spend on text books.

Im trying to research how much publishers charge schools and bookstores when they buy books. On average what a typical school budget is for new textbooks. But Im having a hard time googling for it.Ive gone to a few publisher websites but in order to even attempt to place an order I have to register and account...

If I were in your position, I would try the direct approach. Visit a campus bookstore and ask to speak with the manager. Explain your project and ask if you can copy down a list of fifteen or so textbooks which the store handles and the cost which the publisher charges. Then I would ask for the names and telephone numbers of the local representatives of those publishing companies, contact the reps by phone, and again explain my project. I would ask if they could give me an estimate of the publisher’s cost for producing each book on the list. (They might be reluctant to give out that information, but it is a place to start.) You might not get an answer for every book on your list, but if you get enough examples, you really don’t need to quote the entire list. To get the budget information, try asking the school principal or vice principal. It will be a welcome change for that person to help out a student with a project instead of dealing with the usual headaches. If those tactics do not get you what you need to know, you might also try discussing the project with a research librarian either at a community college library or public library. They have amazing ways to find out stuff.

How much does a college student typically spend.

I’m starting college in a few months in San Marcos, Texas and I was just curious how much a college kid usually spends? Including going out on weekends (to Austin and such), snack foods, sorority fees and monthly trips home. Laundry and meal plan is included. It doesn’t have to 100% accurate, just a guess….

Hi!Well here is about what I pay per month…$128-180: Sorority Dues$20-40: Alcohol (often less)$20-40: Shopping/OtherI usually don’t spend more than $300 per month.Money goes fast in college, so be sure to budget!!!Other than that… I don’t have a car on campus, my meal plan is included, and that’s about it. Oh, and I pretty much never go home because I live 6 hours away.Don’t forget to budget for school books if you have to pay for those. They can be as much as $500-600 per semester (check out for cheaper prices than your book store).

Children s books for free

How much do you usually spend on books and school supplies for college.

I’m going to be living on campus next year, and I happened to get lucky because I have some stuff already (storage bins, computer, printer, and some supplies for class). I might have to spend money on supplies such as binders, paper, pencils… etc. But how much do students usually spend on college textbooks?…

I usually spent about $400-$500 on textbooks alone. School supplies are never a problem for me– I always shopped on Black Friday or right before school started for school supplies so they were usually cheaper.I reccomend getting used textbooks 100%. is a great place to buy textbooks.

College students, how much cash do you spend.

College started just a week ago for my son and he has already gone through $170. He is on a full meal plan and we bought all of his books, computer, printer, clothes, snacks and supplies. What else do college students spend their money on? How much “allowance” would you expect to have for a semester in…

Wow he’s got it easy…I’m in my third year of university and I pay for everything myself. I pay for my tuition, books, rent, groceries, utilities, internet, transportation. I always find my funds going lower than originally anticipated too and sometimes it takes a while to figure out why, often you spend more money than you realized. Some other things I spend money on that he may be spending money on:-extra snacks/food (even if not needed)-alcohol (don’t be surprised)-movies-new clothes once in a while-dinner out with friends-datesAs you can see, other than the things you listed (sounds like you paid for all the basics), the only other things we tend to spend money on are for recreation.You should put him on a budget. Tell him you are only going to give him say, 100 or 200 per month in extra spending money (depending on what you can afford or what you deem reasonable). Once he goes through that money, that’s it, no more is being handed to him until the start of the next month. Stick to your word, even if he doesn’t believe you and spends the first month’s money right away and comes asking for more. Soon he will learn to budget his money better and maybe can better learn a dollar’s value.

How much money does an average college student spend.

How much money does a college student spend per month on clothes, books, food, gas, bills, insurance, etc? Excluding what they actually have to pay to go to college.

This is when you need to do a budget. It will be different for everyone. But here’s the main things people have in a budget, so you can write one up for yourself. If you don’t know the cost of certain things, estimate or ask around.RentElectric/gasWatertrashphoneinternetgascar insurancerenter’s insurancecar license plategroceriescredit card paymentfun (but stick to the budget!)Figure out how much each of these things is per month. Then take your income, whether it’s from a job or your student loans or whatever, and see how much you need to set aside each month for the essentials (depends on your situation what are the essentials). Then never spend more than what’s left over on fun stuff and non-essential stuff.

How much do teens and college students spend on their parents gift.

I’m very blessed in the way that I get a lot every year on Christmas and my birthday from my parents. I usually don’t have much to spend because of car payments but I feel a little selfish for how much they spend on me and I never give the anywhere near the same amount in return. Most of the time I make…

It depends. Most parents know you are limited in funds. They may even be helping to pay the costs. Whether it be school or washing or housing. I think the best thing for most parents is the effort. Unless asking for a particular need; gagets, an ipad2 or an Home Depot gift certificate I would think that almost any effort would be welcome.My parents always say they have enough and actually want to get rid of things. When I was in school and had limited funds, I would make homemade gifts. Can you cook? Do crafts? Visit more? Even the childish coupon book- with things like “Free for one whine free phone call”, will visit and not ask for money” LOL. Just find a small note pad and write them down.You could also see if they NEED anything. Like lawn care. Offer to weed a few times. Pay for a dinner. Clean their home. Buy a pre-paid phone card (hope they call you). Make a CD of their favorite music or music from family events. Make a video of their home movies.The actual amount isn’t really the point. Its how much thought you put into it- how much you really thought of their needs- NOT yours. So to answer your question: spend what you think your parents are worth!

How much does a college student spend a year.

Other than tuition, room, board, how much does the average college student spend on books, personal expences, etc?

A LOT! Room and board, and tuition alone usually cost around $5,000+ per semester. What you said books depends all on where you can find them. For the person who wants brand new books from the books store will spend anywhere from 300-1,000 per semester. My fiance had to buy one of his books new from the university- specific university edition only sold brand new … he’s in graduate school it was a $480 book!!! If you don’t care about brand new books but still straight from the bookstore from the university expect around 400-700 per semester(my brother does this and that’s what he averagely spends) If you don’t care the condition or where you get your books anywhere from 100-300 per semester. For me this is my first semester so I was taking easy like bio 101, math 108, english 101, etc so I could find my books practically anywhere and in fact I bought my bio book for $5 perfect condition. I bought my 6 books for this semester for about $150 all used not a single one from the university. Personal expenses that goes into SO many different things. It depends on if you live at home still or not. If not you bring into consideration food, laundry soap, all those other things. Either way though you have to bring in coffee they buy, lunch/dinner or breakfast they will buy out, booze of course, gas(commuting gets expensive) which you could easily be spending anywhere from $30-$100 per week

On average how much would you say a first year college student spends on text books.

First year of college this fall.

Easily new books cost $500. Here are a couple of ways I saved money on books though:Buy used books through third party sellers on Amazon. Get the ISBNs of the books you need in the school book store. Then search for those ISBNs on Amazon. There will be many “International Editions.” If you read the descriptions carefully, you will be able to get exactly the same book, only in paper back form. Book sellers sell the paper back version to lower income countries because they know that someone studying in India probably can’t spend $500 on books. Also, buying through Amazon provides protection from frauds. You should read about the protection Amazon provides. I don’t have experience using other book sellers, but I’m sure many of them are just as good.Befriend upperclassmen. If you know that you will have to take the same classes they did, you can make a deal to purchase their old books. They will get more money than what the college bookstore will give them for their books, and you will pay less money than what the bookstore will charge. Be sure to make the deal contingent on whether your teacher will use the books when you take the class.

How much does GradeA college students spend on study.

I’m not sure we’re talking the same terminology. My answer will interpret “GradeA college student” to mean a student who goes to a highly competitive private college like Harvard or Cornell, and “spend on study” to mean what he spends on tuition, books, room, board, and fees.In the US, the annual cost of a highly-ranked college is usually between $40,000 and $45,000.A motivated student can get an excellent education at a public college, spending substantially less, but that degree will not have the status of the more elite college’s.

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40 thoughts on “How Much Do College Students Spend On Books

  1. 500 dollars

  2. Hi you have a very valid question. I went to college for a Masters program and spent way over my budget. I was not so good at financing at the time but i learned my lessons.

  3. I am developing it into a support system for students. Hope it helps. Feel free to share it, its free.

  4. Most students average a few hundred dollars to over a thousand if they are taking many science or medical classes. Always go for the used book they will save you almost half in some cases more on each book.

  5. Blessings

  6. not to nitpick…. but by college shouldn’t he get a job?’

  7. i would suggest going to the bookstore as soon as you know the books that you need, write down the ISBN number and order the books from places like amazon or

  8. Well, I am a bookstore manager of a regional campus of a major university, and I am can honestly answer your question.not precisely what your finding for, yet im 20 and it truly is the way it works for me. i comprehend what your thinking, stay AT residing house!!!! a million – £30 2 – Im a guy, i don’t purchase clothing 3 – £1000 a minimum of (Mine are £1400 and that i don’t spend some thing i don’t might opt to!) 4 – £450 5 – Self-employed so i don’t fairly comprehend yet around £200 6 – not a pupil! 7 – £12 8 – £3 hundred (i take great factor approximately my telephone for my paintings) 9 – £1500 (It varies, I pay £995 for a 2006 BMW 525, yet I used to pay £1500 on a 2007 golf a million.4) 10 – Im £10 a month for a rabbit I come residing house with £2200 a month, yet beforehand i grew to grow to be into self employed I earned £1000 and that i grew to grow to be into constantly £4 hundred – £500 short.

  9. Sometimes, a used book may not be all that much cheaper than a new book and it would make better sense to purchase the new one. Most times a used book is $25.00 to $40.00 cheaper than a new one, but sometimes, you will find that they are $10.00 or $15.00 cheaper. In that case, one has to weigh options.

  10. You are forgetting the alcohol 😉

  11. It really depends on what type of course that you take. Usually if you are taking sciences (on the pre-med track) you will spend about 150 per book/class. i would say that the range could be from 300-700.

  12. $450-950I spent around $600 on my books every semester

  13. Exactly what they earn from working or what Mom and Dad gives them.

  14. Another option that you could try and do is buy them online. is a good web page where you can get your textbooks for a relatively decent price.

  15. $3000 Aus? That seems like alot… I live on less than $1500 a month.

  16. that way he can spend the money however he wants… and you can’t question it because you didn’t give it to him.

  17. Also remember that it will go up in the New Year thanks to the VAT rise

  18. idk i gess $3,000 australin $$$

  19. Your tuition can include food if you live on campus. It just depends on your personal hobbies. If you like to shop a lot…. Then a lot more than a person that doesn’t. Personally, I spend around $125 a week because I take my gf out at least once a week to dinner plus my weight lifting supplements. A coffee here and there as well. Just get a job as a server and work a couple shifts a week. I am able to work 35+ hours a week and I’m a pre-med/chemistry double major in the honors program taking 20+ credit hours a semester.

  20. GO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!! <3 Lol

  21. $750 on housing (i have two roomies)

  22. Getting used books over new books is a personal preference. Most of the time, it is better to get used books, but sometimes, you will find highlighting, writing, and notes in used books which may cause confusion for some students. Others prefer new books because they are clean. It is all up to you.

  23. I have gone through this before. You can file an amendment. I believe it’s a form 1040-X. However, if you want to make sure, you can call your local H&R Block or any tax service and ask to make sure. I actually had my taxes done when I had to go back and amend. Hope this helps!

  24. for reference, i’m a poor grad student now and i spend: (per month)

  25. Books and personal expenses could be around $1,000+ a year just on books

  26. Honestly:max $300 on other things like going out to bars, movies, theater, coffee, etc.

  27. ~$300 on foodMy brothers ended up spending near $2000 just for Junior college. You have to keep in mind you need text books and everything!

  28. i guess my expenditures were something likeThis sounds like it will be your first semester and generally, your first semester will be your most expensive, but that does not hold true today. In hindsight, you definitely want to have at least $500 to $800 set aside for textbooks if you decide to purchase them from the campus bookstore.Used books are much cheaper. You should buy used college textbooks at – Saving the Planet One Textbook at a Time is your online leader for finding used textbooks, DVDs, CDs.

  29. I know in Ohio where I’m from you can order textbook through Ohiolink which is a website that is connected to all the Universities in Ohio and you can order them from any of the libraries and have them shipped to your college and pick them up for free. I believe you can check them out for four weeks at a time. If you use your one renew you can have that book for 8 weeks for free. I’m not sure if your state has this but I did it once for one of my books and it worked out great.

  30. depends on your housing situation and how campus focused your life is and whether or not you have public transport.

  31. That’s why many students now purchase them off the net. You can even find sites now that rent textbooks and you can turn them back after the semester is over. Also, college bookstores have a Book Buy Back at the end of the semester and you can turn them back in for cash. You may not get a whole lot back, but still it could be worth it.not precisely what your searching for, yet im 20 and it is the way it works for me. i understand what your questioning, stay AT domicile!!!! a million – £30 2 – Im a guy, i don’t purchase clothing 3 – £one thousand a minimum of (Mine are £1400 and that i don’t spend something i don’t would desire to!) 4 – £450 5 – Self-employed so i don’t somewhat understand yet around £2 hundred 6 – not a scholar! 7 – £12 8 – £3 hundred (i take advantage of my telephone for my artwork) 9 – £1500 (It varies, I pay £995 for a 2006 BMW 525, yet I used to pay £1500 on a 2007 golfing a million.4) 10 – Im £10 a month for a rabbit I come domicile with £2200 a month, yet before i grew to become into self employed I earned £one thousand and that i grew to become into constantly £4 hundred – £500 short.

  32. Well college textbooks are extremely expensive and depending on the number of classes that you are taking it could run you a pretty penny. Some where in the rang of 500-800 dollars. Some textbooks just for one can be over $100.00 It’s best to get your books used, especially if they are the same edition. You’re going to save a bunch of money (again depending on the credit hours) you could save anywhere from 200-300 bucks total if you buy used book. I always tried to get them used because they were so much cheaper (most of the time).

  33. Like said before, I’m not sure what your exact question is asking. But, I go to college and get A’s and I also have a life (at least this semester anyway). So, I usually don’t spend to much time studying, I just study hard when it is very important and it works out well. I go to a competitive university as well.

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  35. Hope this helps!

  36. $500 per semester on books and stuff

  37. here is a website i put together to help people who live on tight budgets or have financial constraints…

  38. If your lucky and find used books for all of your classes it’ll be around 450….if you end up buying all new books expect 900s…

  39.$0-200 on clothing$600 for everything else per month(but i lived on campus, used public transport, and my city was not really exciting so i never really did much off campus)

  40. here is a site to get low cost textbooks! Spend half as much as you would at the bookstore!

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