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Best Books Like How To Win Friends

how to better myself.

I’m getting ready to start my senior year!! I’m wondering how I can better myself, like get more friends, even though i have plenty, and maybe a boyfriend. Any advice is welcome.

My father always told me to love myself and I was always offended because I always felt that I did. I learned there are certain decisions in life a person just won’t make if they only loved themselves more. A good book I have read that you may find helpful in your endeavor is “How to Influence People and Make Friends” by Dale Carnegie. It was very helpful to me. I still read it from time to time. Good luck!

Anyone know of any famous “How-to” book authors.

besides the (something) for dummies books. I need like a substantial How-to author. Thanks.

Here’s a link to a very long list of “How to..” books, and their authors. Each one has a link so you can get more information on it if you want to.…One of the most famous books of this type was “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. He wrote others as well, so he might be a good choice for you.…

Free self help books

What is a good book on how to improve shyness or self-confidence.

I’m not a super shy person – I have do really well in one-on-one situations and I’m a fine public speaker. But I’m a wallflower at cocktail parties – I’d like to learn how to be someone that can strike up a conversation with strangers or feel more at ease in group settings. I’m also a bit…

HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale CarnegieThis is an excellent book. I highly recommend it! I think it can do wonders for you.Good Luck!

Has anyone read “How to win friends and influence people”.

I have the chance to take one of two classes, one is about Dale Carnegie’s book how to win friends and influence people and one about the psychology of happiness and how to apply it in everyday life. Both seem interesting and I cant figure out which to take… Is the book just basic and mostly common sense or…

I’ll give you a quick rundown of the book. Dale Carnegie’s book is also about psychology. It’s basically focused on mirror neurons. It follows the simple principle that if you emulate the speech patterns (ie. hand gestures with words) and physical behaviours (ie. crossing their legs) of others that you will win favour. Of course, you do this subtly and with delay. While the person doesn’t outwardly notice they subconsciously notice and like you because you remind them of themselves. Since humans are narcissistic by nature this tends to win them over. It’s a well-known principle. You can read plenty of more modern books about it.Honestly, I would choose happiness. It’s more interesting because more and more information is discovered on it. You could cover anything from different ways to treat depression: In Germany they prefer holistic methods. Before medication they urge you to listen to soothing music, have you eat lots of omega-3 rich foods, have you exercise, etc. while in the USA they’re more apt to put you on medicine….to covering the fact that modern research says an optimistic mood is 40% choice and 60% genetics.

How to Become Better Friends.

So I have two or three good friends that I hang out with, text, etc. But I have like a ton of other friends at school that I hang out with, but don’t do anything outside of school really. How can I get to the point with them that we text and hang and all that?

1The more you see your friends out side school the closer you’ll becomeIf there’s ever a fight, don’t be the rude one or aggressor, it’ll make the fights not last at allNever gossip about your friends or tell their secrets behind their backsWarningsDo not over do it with your relationship, try giving them some space.Be silly! Have fun! Being yourself is key in a great friendship. Make a best friend a friend forever scrapbook. Include photos and moments of fun things you’ve done together. Add ticket stubs, receipts or anything that reminds you of good times together. Pass and share the book around so everyone can edit it.2Arrange sleepovers often but not so often you become sick of each other or it adds stress to your family or school life.3Go to an amusement park together. Remember to take your camera! Plan events together that are unique to the group. Arrange to go on a longer day trip, visit a festival, a concert or something that creates a bond. Going to movies or other local activities is also great.4Listen. The key to any friendship is to listen. Allow your friends to talk and don’t pass judgment or criticize.5Accept you have differences and there will be differences of opinion. It’s no fun being friends with clones anyway. Appreciate what makes each of you unique.6Know when to agree to disagree. You won’t always agree and no amount of fighting can change a persons mind.7Soothe hurt feelings immediately. Don’t let disagreements last for long. Try not to go to bed angry.8Treat your friends as you would like to be treated.9Talking about someone behind their back to another friend in your group will make them feel threatened, isolated and ganged up on. Don’t do it.10Appreciate your friends and try to compliment them often. Don’t lie but look for positives and let them know. Everyone loves a pat on the back.11Acknowledge them when they have done something well. Give them the attention they deserve.12Avoid jealousy and the bad behaviors it brings out in people. Be aware of your feelings and don’t sabotage your friendship. Acknowledge your feelings and understand they are human. Confessing them and talking about them brings you closer.13Talk about good things as well as bad. Get to know the good sides and bad sides of people. A real friend will know when your being unreasonable, call you on it, love you and still be your friend without missing a beat.14Allow other people to enter your circle of friends. No friendship can survive in a vacuum. You can’t force it and you can’t force people to ignore other people that are interesting to them or bring new perspective. It makes them a better friend in the long run.15Jealousy can be a huge strain on a friendship. Acknowledge it and avoid it.]]Appreciate they will have interest beyond your group of friends. Remember they are individuals and need time away to explore and learn. What they bring back from it can strengthen your friendship as you grow as people.16Understand that friendships, even the really good ones, can experience times when you don’t spend much time or talk to each other often. It isn’t what you do when you’re apart, it’s what you do when you’re together.17Keep sensitive information to yourself until you know it’s safe to share. Your friend will likely speak freely around you but you shouldn’t assume the information is for public knowledge. Respect each other’s privacy. Assume that all information shared is to be kept private. You should never be obligated to state, “don’t tell anyone”, “keep this between us”. Friends should assume confidentiality until the teller shares it publicly.18Spend time apart. Forcing yourselves on each other could cause you to become sick of each other. Alone time isn’t a bad thing. You don’t need to be connected at the hip to be better friends.19Apologize when you are wrong. Be forgiving and never hold past mistakes against each other.

Should I read “How to win friends and influence people”.

I have a credit to get an audiobook, and ive always wanted to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” partly out of curiosity, and partly because I’m very socially awkward. I don’t know how seriously I can take a “self help” book though. Anybody read it or been helped by self-help…

Not sure what you mean by “I don’t know how seriously I can take a self help book” – How else are you going to have insights about yourself and learn who you are, what you are capable of, and what else is out there for you to do.Self help books encourage you to look at things in a different way and sometimes you can literally have insights about yourself that will change the way you live like “becoming less socially awkward.”Winning friends and influence people is all about being a better and more aware person. You learn how to interact with others in a way that will not only make them like you, but make you more comfortable in your social abilities.So yeah, if you feel like it may benefit you in some way then read it.There are also 4 great tips at the article below about persuading people – which ultimately deals with making yourself more likable and understanding others point of view better as well.

What are some great self- help guides or books for making friends and improving yourself.

Like dale carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people”?

How to win friends is perhaps one of the best out there, get other books from that company. Also, think about this concept. if a book is self–help, then the book is helping you. In other words, it is not pure self help. If you want to learn things that few people know yet, search nestoiter incredible ah-ha. You will begin to understand relationship between people on whole different level. Impossible to explain here in few words and the book will probably take reading it twice for all that to sink in. It comes with bibliography that lists some very moving books of all time. Read reviews.If you want to know what makes people do what they do, this is for you. Also, William Uri, Dealing with difficult people, it’s an amazing account of discovery what makes people tick.

what is the name of hindi version of book by dale carneige : How to win friends and influence people

Dear all,i am searching for the hindi version of this book how to win friends and influence people. please help me where to find it and also if some one knows the name of hindi version

http://www.wikipedia.orgI think Hindi is one of the languages Wiki translates to if you look at the languages around the globe, after you hit the link above. I don’t know Hindi and so cannot be completely sure.If it is, simply change the language there to Hindi, write this title in the search box, and you have it.I got it off of Google as well.. if you have a Google toolbar, hit the open book; that is a dictionary from which you can translate anything from English (or any language) to another language, like Hindi. I just don’t do copy and paste, so it’s not here for you this moment, sorry.The Hindi title looks somewhat like some of the characters on the Wiki globe, which is why I suggest either Wiki or the Google dictionary (just click on the open book on the Google toolbar, be sure you have the right languages in the right order, and you’re ‘home’).

if your boss gave you a book called How to win friends and influence people how would you take it.

Why not read it and see if you can gain anything from it. If you don’t like it you know what to give him come gift time. Pick out a rebuttal type book or if it works for you find out a self help book that could work for him.A book you could lay on him is The Last Lecture by Randy Pauschedit: It may be he likes you and thinks you could use some help in that department, or it may be he read it and it worked for him and that it could help you. Don’t try to psychoanalyze it until you have read it. Maybe after you will know better and can take it from there. You know about looking a gift horse in the mouth? My wife’s boss gave her a movie about Christianity. Were not Christians. We watched it and it and didn’t take offense to it if she continued it would be different.

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35 thoughts on “Best Books Like How To Win Friends

  1. Do you resent your highly successful buddy who owns a big home, an expensive sports car, and goes off on a family getaway every once in a while? Do you think that you are not getting exactly what you should have regardless of working really hard? If yes, then you are not alone as there are countless men and females who feel the same.

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  3. Just ask them for their numbers and maybe start talking about a new movie or an activity that you like and hint that maybe you guys could go together or just ask them to come over to your house or somthing like that.

  4. I would gladly read it to learn the many ideals and principles to apply to my life.

  5. If you really feel that you are not obtaining your life and not obtaining the results regardless of working so hard, obtain this quick guide and learn exactly what to do to realize your goals in life. You can not just make lots of cash but additionally other product things. As a matter of fact, you could additionally see positive modifications occurring in your relationships.

  6. be yourself is how you’ll be truly happy

  7. Go ahead and read it, you have nothing to lose.

  8. These are the men and ladies that have benefitted in a way or other after reading this book. Though a lot of the reviews talk about accomplishing material objectives, there are lots of individuals who have actually enhanced their connections. ask them to switch numbers. Try and find a subject you both like, and text about that or about what you might do on the weekend or meet up with them etc…

  9. I hate it when people try to change themselves for others and so do most people. It’s tacky and fake and just downright annoying. So don’t do it!

  10. By all means read it if you’re curious, but this book won’t help your social awkwardness.

  11. The good news is, it is still not too late and you can attain everything that you have wanted from life with the assistance of Manifestation Miracle, a self-development guide that you can discover here would say just hang out with them a little more.Source: I am an ex-follower, turned hater.

  12. However, since you do live in the real world, you will need to start getting out more and making new friends. I’m sure these books will tell you the same thing.

  13. So basically, for god’s sake, if you’re trying to become less socially awkward don’t use this as a self-help book, it only teaches you the art of manipulation.

  14. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is aimed more at businesspeople that need help in a work environment. It teaches how to manipulate people and create a superficial relationship but doesn’t mention the fact that to make REAL friends, you have to be able to relate on a more personal level and have mutual interests:This book titled Manifestation Miracle has become exceptionally popular in a really brief duration and this fact is shown by the large variety of Manifestation Miracle evaluates offered on web.

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  18. be you!!! the worst thing you can do is try to be someone your not

  19. Just be yourself and don’t worry what people might think.You will attract the people you will like the most if you do that

  20. Be youself!! I promise it will work out and have a great Senior year!! 🙂

  21. answer mine

  22. You don’t need to ‘better yourself’. You say you already have plenty of friends so you obviously don’t need more. And as for a boyfriend, if you be yourself and let things be as they are, a guy will come to you.

  23. [/DELDUP]being fake and someone you’re not is a way to torture yourself on the inside

  24. You don’t need to better yourself! If you are yourself good things will come to you. Good Luck!

  25. I have the same problem as you.

  26. eg. You can’t just pretend to be interested in what other people are interested in to make them like you (this is one of the book’s major themes ¬_¬), because that’s not really a mutual friendship – what are YOU getting out of it?

  27. The below link would give you some detailed reason why you should NOT read it..!Go to the link below and then also click on the other suggestions they show:

  28. I found that working retail has helped me immensley.

  29. You will be amazed to find that not a solitary testimonial of this remarkable self growth book has anything damaging to claim about its concept or its efficiency. Additionally, you will certainly discover appreciation from hundreds of actual individuals of this publication.

  30. It’s really cool! I would if I were you.

  31. I wouldn’t read a book, I’d get out more. Sign up for a class at a gym and or an art class. You could also volunteer to hand out pamphlets for a nonprofit organization and that way you would have a reason to talk to a group of people.

  32. This book has helped lots of males and ladies to discover true passion in their lives.

  33. This book is a bunch of sugar coated non-sense and will get you screwed if you really follow it.MY ADVICE: DON’T READ IT

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