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How To Buy Audible Books

I am trying to send an audio book file by email.

How can I do this? I paid for the book through (not itunes) How can I send this to my sister? It’s 4 hours long.

She can only play an book you bought if you give her your account name and password. If you are going to do that, it is easier for her just to download it herself. You are allowed to download the same book as many times as you like, with no additional charge, as long as your subscription is still active.If you are not going to share your account with her she won’t be able to play your books and you can’t play hers.Bert

How does audible work.

Do you pay per month and for each book you buy? Or is it just you pay for every book and there is no month fee?

yes both are options, you can either buy a certain amount of credits every month or you can buy a la carte (one at a time) sometimes there are sales that you can get a low price on the audible book if you also pay for the ebook. There are some free. You might also be able to borrow audio books using your local library if they have the right lending program for it.The first credit of the monthly plan if free likely one of your favorite youtube channels or podcast has an audible sponsorship that gives them a few pennies if you link the free trial from their website.I tried did the free trial but now get the one book at a time.Also check out and many of the podiobooks authors and LibriVox narrators who I like also have work on audible dot com I survived books free

How to I get my Audio Book onto iTunes.

Okay, so I just bought a book from How do I get it onto iTunes easily? I’m using Windows Vista if that helps.Thanks

If the book is an mp3 file you should just be able to click and drag it into iTunes. When it’s in iTunes right click on it, get info, click the Options tab, then change the Media Kind to Audiobook.

i want to buy e-books on internet but i don’t know how to buy books on internet,please give information.

any one who clears my doubt correctly will be selected as best answer

This is the site I has easy step by step instructions and lots of great ebooks.Happy Listening.

How does audible audio books work.

I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the books.

Once you buy an audiobook, no matter whether you bought it while you had a monthly membership or not, you will have that audiobook forever. If you cancel your membership you will still be able to sign in to your “account” and listen to any previously purchased audiobooks, as well as purchase other audiobooks at full price.

How do I move the books I bought from my audible app to my new phone.

I had to purchase a new and I was wondering because I have alot of books on audio on my audible app how or If I can move them to my new phone. Thanks guys

It would be easiest just to download them straight from Audible. Download the app on the new phone and authorize it, then you can use the app to select and download the books you want. You can also log in to Audible from your computer and select the option to send the files to your phone. Just make sure the phone is connected to wifi, and plug it in since the download will use a fair amount of power, start the app and let it do its thing.

How is audible able to sell audio books legally.

audible has many different books on audio- how do they do that legally?

The purchase the audio rights from the author through the author’s agent and publisher. They have to pay up front (either advance against future royalties or fees to buy those rights), plus the author is paid royalties.The reader is also paid. If it’s the author, they might pay some additional sum as recording fee, or pay a higher royalty rate. If someone other than the author reads the work for recording, they either pay royalties on each copy sold or pay fees outright.

can you return audible books at

I just bought an audible book from through amazon and i want to return. is that even possible?

Usually the answer is no…the reason is copyright laws. If you have downloaded anything from Amazon or Audible you, in theory, can copy it to your computer and then return it, get your money back, and have a copy of it for free. Many, many people do it and that’s why stores are really hesitant to return open cd’s, software and/or games. That said, if you explain to them that you’ve made a mistake and bought the wrong thing often times they will give you your money back, especially Amazon…but beware they can track how many things you’ve bought and tried to return…every business keeps track of your credit card info and know if they have reimbursed you or not.I work at a Barnes & Noble in the music dept. I had this man who kept coming in and returning open cd’s. Over and over…I called him out and said we couldn’t return open cd’s anymore and he started coming in and watching to see who was working. If it was someone he didn’t know…he’d return something and we’d be nice and give him his money back. I realized this and took his photo off the security cameras and told everyone working who he was and what he was doing. Sure enough, he came in, with 4 open cd’s, I saw him and told him no….he freaked out and the police were called. When the cops showed up they said, “We know all about him from other stores (Walmart and Best Buy)…he buys music, rips it on his computer…then sells mp3’s to other people…while returning the cd for refunds.”If they tell you no, on your refund, this man is the reason why.

how do you buy books from

can you buy books from without signing up for one of their plans? and if so how do you? I’m thinking of starting to listen to audio books on my sony mp3 player.also can anyone tell me the steps from start to finish for buying a book without a plan and also with a plan, Is there that much of a…

There’s a free audio short story available by David Sedaris from his new book, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” -You can get it here: click the orange buttonHe’s REALLY funny. You could probably start with that since it is a free trial and then move on from there if you like it. This is simple – you just add it to your computer, download it and listen. If you like it you will have to sign up for a plan but there’s a 14 day free trial right now 🙂 Good luck!

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  1. I feel like my imagination goes in full force while I’m reading verses when I’m listening. When I read I can sit there and ponder the things that I have read and come up with appearances of characters but with an audio book it continues to go. I enjoy listening to them depending on who is reading the book. There can be some dreadfully boring voices and some accents that get annoying. But then again there can be some really good readers that keep your attention and make you excited about the events. I think it is to each their own type of thing. Be sure though before you buy the book off of iTunes to listen to the clip of the reader to see if that could keep your attention

  2. Once you read a publication you start to see the story the way you want to imagine it not what sort of director wants you to see it

  3. Y buy when u can go to a library 4 free here’s one for ya

  4. Returning Audible Books

  5. If you’re a member then you can return it – there’s info at

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