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How To Share Books On Kindle Fire

How do u make a library on the kindle fire clear instructions plz .

I wanna know how to make a library so I can share my books with my aunt does anyone know how

You don’t. You can loan ebooks to her, though. Go to Amazon and select Manage My Kindle. This will show you all of your purchases. Next to each is an Action button. One action is to loan the ebook. Select this and follow the prompts.

Transferring purchased apps on Kindle.

Hello,I currently have the Kindle Fire, but am going to buy the Kindle Fire HD.I have ALOT of purchased apps on my Fire, and was wondering how if I can transfer my apps to the new HD???is it anything like the Iphone, where purchased apps are automatically saved onto your account and all you need to do…

You don’t need to transfer them. All Kindle apps should be bought under your amazon account, so when you have the new Kindle registered to your amazon account, you should be able to access the apps previously bought.Here is the official reply from Amazon about this, on sharing apps and books on multiple Kindles:…Here are the steps for downloading apps to the new Kindle Fire HD:…And just in case you’re not aware of, you can trade in old Kindles on Amazon:…Hope this helps. Business books free

Two kindle fires on the same amazon account. help please.

I recently got a kindle and now share an account with my mom. However when I registered it with her amazon account, all of her books automatically went onto my kindle… I don’t want all of her books on there. How do I remove them/so they’re only on her kindle, and how do I prevent that from happening…

The books, apps, and music purchased belong to the account, and therefore are shared between all devices and apps that are registered under that account. The only solution is to deregister your Kindle Fire and reregister it under your own account.Actually, you can remove any books from your Kindle Fire and they’ll be waiting there, in the Amazon Cloud for future download.So you have a choice. Separate accounts with separate purchases for separate content. Or same account with SHAREABLE content.

My sister has a kindle fire with books on it that I like….

she would like to share them with me….I have kindle for pc ….it’s just an app I have on my computer….How can she share her books with me on my kindle for pc app or cant she? We are not Kindle savvy people…duh! Please advise.

she has to log into her account on your computer and authorize the computer, not sure if you will be able to read the books at the same time.

How can you share ebooks from one kindle to another.

Just bought a kindle fire and I heard that friends can loan books for 2 weeks at a time. How?

This can only be done if the publisher allows it. Not all do. But to loan a Kindle book, go to Amazon and click on Manage Your Kindle, which is on the bottom of the front page. This will take you to a page with all of your Kindle book purchases. Next to each book is an Action button. Click on it and you’ll see various actions you can take for that book. If the publisher allows it, one option will be to loan the book. Select that and follow the prompts.

How to get a kindle fire.

My friend has a cool kindle fire, and now I really ewant one. I allready am goon to get a nitro car for my b day, so I cant get anything else. My sister has a bray after mine and I was going to try to convince her to get one for her bray( I’m ten shes six) but she sometimes says yes and then changes to no. How…

maybe when the version 2 comes out and Amazon has worked out all kinks of the kindle fire you will have saved you money and can buy your own.maybe if your really good you will be able to convince you parents how wonderful it is to have access to all the .mobi file on Project Gutenberg gutenberg.orgof course if you parents are tech people they will already know that all the free books on Kindle can be gotten on your computer with a free kindle app and there is not real need for them to buy you a kindle.I definitely would not spend $200 on something so easily breakable for children.

Transferring books bought for Kindle from Amazon onto your Kindle Fire.

I have a Kindle Fire and bought book from Amazon (on my laptop) because it said i would be able to transfer it onto my Kindle but I can not figure it out. It will not transfer wireless for some reason and I can not figure out how to do it via USB cord? Its a Rental book if that makes any difference.

If the Kindle books are bought from Amazon, then just login the Amazon account on your Kindle device, and the books should be there.The purchased Kindle books can be shared on multiple devices/apps. There’s a good discussion here talking about this:…

how can i get a book on my kindle.

I bought a book on my moms amazon kindle cloud reader and i want the book to be on my kindle. is there any way to transfer the book from her kindle cloud reader to my kindle? can i register my kindle to her account even though i have my own account with my kindle already registered to it?

If the Kindles are registered to the same account, that is they are paid via the same credit card, then it is easy to transfer books from the manage my kindles on amazon or the cloud on the kindle fire.From the Manage my Kindle list of items, just use the drop down and send to your Kindle. from the cloud just download.If they are not registered using the same method of payment, then there are some books that she can loan you. You can also de-register your Kindle & re-register it to her account. Of course, offer to pay for some of the books to share ;))

how can i join a group that shares files for books on my kindle fire.

You might want to research legal and illegal file sharing.

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  1. Start your Kindle, access a wi-fi network, and then look in the Books and then the Cloud. You should see that book there. Simply tap on it and it should download to the Kindle.

  2. She can go to Amazon, log in to her account, then select the Manage Your Kindle option from the front page. This will take her to a page that shows all of her purchases. Next to each book is a button that says Action. One of the actions she can select is Loan This Book. All she has to do is select that and follow the prompts. You’ll receive an email from Amazon alerting you to the fact that she’s loaned you an ebook, with instructions to follow to get access.

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  4. Your very selfish to try to force your sister into getting something just because you want it. Leave her alone and let her choose her own present. If you want something then tell your parents you changed your mind and want a kindle instead of a nitro car. You sound like a spoiled brat : ( Poor sister.

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  10. Your Kindle is registered to the same Amazon account that you bought the book under, right? That means the book is in your list of purchases and should be in the Cloud on that account.

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