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How To Download All Kindle Books At Once

Amazon prime, how many free Kindle e books can I download.

and once my month free membership is over do I still get to keep the books I had prior? How much does it cost to join prime? Thanks to all who answer =) Oh how about when I send the sample then buy the book, how do I delete the sample one so I have only that one I bought?

Hey Justanotheryahooligan, Amazon prime is worthless – for $79/year you get 13,000 movies and 10,000 books included while Netflix has millions of movies for $8/month and B&N ebook store has millions of books (and over 2.5 million free ones). Also it’s worth mentioning that if you walk in with any Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’ll get tech support and you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi. According to over 1450 people that left 1-2 star reviews on Amazon site for Kindle Fire it is not worth it. Dropping all 5-start reviews (from Amazon employees) and reading middle ground 3-start reviews you understand that it is a deeply flawed device. It is confirmed at this time that many Kindle Fire units have faulty Wi-Fi and people have a lot of issues connecting to internet according to many user reviews. Other issues are that it runs hot to touch, video playback is jerky, touch screen is not responsive and it takes 2-3 touches to register, power button placement is very poor and is prone to accidental power off, all the hype of Silk browser is a fake where the browsing is actually slower than on other Android tablets, etc.Take a look at recently released Nook Tablet (that is Nook Color 2) – it’s been getting rave reviews and it is the best device in it’s class – much better than Kindle Fire. It’s got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Brids, etc., the best battery life (30% better than Fire), the best non-glare laminated screen (vs. very reflective non-laminated Fire screen), double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies, microSD slot, a microphone for Skype, and physical volume controls on the side (neither of those is on Kindle Fire), very smooth video playback with excellent screen, and very fast apps load.

Kindle for PC Question.

On my Iphone kindle app all my books appear INCLUDING my document books that I didn’t get from Amazon. How do I get my books to show on the kindle app on my pc? Simply, how can I read my doc books on pc?

OK – Kindle for PC was not your chosen destination when you bought the ebooks so they are not ON your Kindle for PC. There are two ways to get them there but first you must register your Kindle for PC to the same account that owns the ebooks.THEN you have two choices…1. In the Kindle for PC app, find the selection for Cloud or for Archived Items (probably Cloud though Archived Items was used in older apps). Cloud might be a tab rather than a menu item. There you can select from the ebooks you own in your Amazon account and download them to your Kindle for PC2. OR go to the Manage Your Kindle page (aka Manage Your Content and Devices) on Amazon. This is the Amazon US page: you can see or search all of your Kindle ebook purchases. Select the ones you want to deliver to your Kindle for PC. Then select the … next to one of the selected books (in the column Actions) and choose Deliver. Now select your Kindle for PC as the destination and the selected books will be delivered (only exception would be some books, mainly e-textbooks, may have a limit on how many devices they can be on at once)However – any documents that YOU added to Kindle for iPhone that did not come from Amazon cannot be sent via Amazon since you did not get them there. YOU would have to send them to your Kindle for PC (check your Kindle for PC settings – you should be able to find what your Kindle for PC’s email address is for receiving document). Here are more options for sending your own documents to a Kindle or Kindle reader app:

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Kindle fire… How to put books into library, and not the carousel.

I have my new christmas pressie and love it..However when i try putting books onto it from my computer via USB, half of the books go into the library, and half of them go on the annoying carousel thing, and not into the library… I am just doing a mass copy of them all in one go, and have tried individually…

WIRELESS DOWNLOAD THROUGH FIRE’S WEB BROWSER1. From the Kindle Fire’s home screen, select the Web tab from toolbar. Open Fire’s web browser.2. Go to your library’s website: www.faylib.org3. Click on ‘Books and More’ and then click on ‘Download Audiobooks and Ebooks’.4. Click [click here to access] next to Library2Go image.5. Sign In (top right of screen). Select Fayetteville Public Library from the drop down menu of libraries. Login using your library barcode number and pin number (last four digits of your phone number).6. Search for eBooks. You can limit your search to eBooks by clicking on the down arrow on the box located under the search box and search “Kindle eBooks.”7. You can also limit your search so that it only shows the available eBooks.8. If you do not limit the format, the eBooks will be mixed with audio books. You can tell the difference by checking the type of book and what they will play on.9. To check out a book, click Add to Download Cart.10. Click on Proceed to Checkout. Select Fayetteville Public Library from the drop down menu of libraries. Login using your library barcode number and pin number. Click on Confirm checkout. You may check out 5 items at a time. Books are checked out for 2 weeks.11. Click on Get for Kindle.12. The Amazon website will open up. If you are not already logged in to your Amazon account, please log in at this time. Select the device that you would like the book delivered to in the drop down menu on the right side of the screen. Once you have selected where you would like the eBook delivered, click on Get Library Book.13. From the Amazon “Thanks!” screen, select Manage Your Kindle. From your Kindle library, you will see the titles of items in your library. To the right of each title will be a button marked Actions. When you touch the button a menu will appear with the following choices: Deliver to my … , Purchase this book, Download & transfer via USB, Return this book.14. Select Deliver to my … If you have more than one Kindle, choose the correct device from the drop-down menu. From the Deliver Title pop-up screen, choose Deliver.15. The item has now been delivered to your Kindle Fire. It is does not automatically appear in your device’s book collection, restart the device to finalize download of item. Enjoy!Good luck!

If you download a book via Kindle, how easy is it to convert it to a Word file.

You cannot. Almost all Kindle books have DRM protection (same goes for almost all proprietary copyrighted ebooks made for particular devices).Some Kindle ebooks on their sales page say “At the request of the publisher. this book is being sold without DRM protection”. THOSE FEW Kindle books you could convert to HTML or some other generic text format with Calibre (a free program) and then import into Word.But the high majority of Kindle books ARE DRM-protected (digital rights management) and that means they can only be read on Kindle devices or Kindle software registered to the Amazon account that purchased (or was gifted) the ebook. The one exception is you can loan the ebook for 2 weeks only to another person’s Kindle account so they can read it. You can only loan a particular Kindle book to the same account once.

How can I transfer kindle content to another kindle with two separate accounts.

My gram gave me her kindle, all my books are on it but I want to deregister it from her amazon account to register it on my amazon account when I did this I lost all my books is there a way I can get them back on under my account without buying them again?

The content belongs to the account, not to the Kindle.One account can have many Kindles and Kindle apps registered to it. But One Kindle (or app) can only be registered to one account and can only use the Amazon Kindle books purchased by (or gifted to) that account.Some possibilities -Here are the two ways you could still read her Kindle books and both ways assume she got the Kindle books at Amazon.1. Undo what you did and read her books first…You could ask your gram to re-register the Kindle to her account (any Kindle books YOU already bought would be deleted). Note this will require her Amazon account email and password be put in the Kindle to register it back to her account. And then one by one she would have to send her already-purchased Kindle books back to that Kindle (using her account’s Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon). Then you could read all of those books of hers that you want. After you have read all of her books THEN you could de-register the Kindle, lose all of the content again, register it to your own account and start buying your own Kindle books. This will work best if you have Wifi in your house and the Kindle settings so it can connect to that (unless it is one of the pricy 3G Kindles – they can download Kindle books without Wifi)OR2. Keep it registered to your account and have have lend her books to your account, one at a time. She can loan each book to you ONE time for 2 weeks only. The same book cannot be loaned to the same account more than once.NOTE: If the books were non-copy-protected classics like Tale of Two Cities, Treasure Island, etc. – you can get those for free at Amazon (or elsewhere if you wan to load them over USB).

Books i own to kindle (UK).

Hi i was wondering if i could somehow get a copy of the books that i own onto my kindle paperwhite and if possible how do i do this?? many thanks in advance Amy

You have to buy them again as ebooks.What I did when I switched to ereading (and found to to be less strain on my eyes) was I went through a lot of my physical books (still working on this) and there were only about 6-8 that I like to re-read once in a while. I bought those in ebook format and donated the physical versions along with my other physical books to the library. I am mainly only keeping physical books with special printing, valuable signed/first editions, and craft/art/cook books in physical form as well as a few books I plan to loan to family members.If there are any classic books you want (Treasure island, Little Women, Tale of Two Cities etc) then you should be able to find free versions at Amazon UK.Ways to find new legally free books…I also get a lot of indie and new author books when they are free (may only be free for a day or two) – Here is a UK site to help you find new ones at Amazon UK: you can always got to the main Kindle Ebooks page at Amazon UK, pick the Bestsellers link, then click Top 100 Free to see the Top 100 Free ebooks.…Then you can click into categories on the left to see the Top 100 Free in one category.———-If what you meant to ask is how to download Kindle EBOOKS you already own to your new Paperwhite – just go to the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon UK and you will find a list of all of the Kindle ebooks you own. To the right of each pick Deliver To… and choose the Paperwhite that’s registered to your account. The Paperwhite will need to connect to a Wifi network (unless you bought the 3G Paperwhite).Manage Your Kindle at Amazon UK…Alternately – once you register your Paperwhite with the same Amazon account that owns the Kindle books, when the Paperwhite connects to the net it will get a “Cloud” list of all of the Kindle books you have previously purchased at Amazon. The home Library list page of the Paperwhite also has the word “Cloud” – click that to see your cloud list, and you should be able to touch (or maybe hold finger on) book in list to download it to your Kindle. (again requires a Wifi network unless you have a 3G Paperwhite)

Kindle books transfer.

If I have a iPad with kindle app. And want to buy a kindle. Can I transfer them to the kindle if so how?

You would just put in your same amazon account that you used when purchasing books on your ipad into your new kindle when setting up, and then will be able to access all the books you purchased. Some book publishers put restrictions on the number of devices a book can be on at once (generally 1 purchased book can be downloaded onto up to 5 devices).If your still in the market for a kindle you might check out the refurbished generation 2 deal amazon is offering for just $110 shipped including free 3g access:…Or you could opt for the latest kinde 3. The kindle 3 has a slightly better display, web browser and smaller form factor, but more expensive (especially if you want 3g):…Anyways good luck!

When reading a book using KINDLE, do I have to use wireless connection at all time or ….

can I download the book to my Kindle and read it offline? How about if I want to use the dictionary? Can I use the dictionary offline?

No… Just download it once and read it offline almost anywhere.Here is a fine review on Kindle Touch, should help you out on this Decision:…And here you would be able to find the best selling model for Kindle:…Hope this Helped!

My Kindle Fire books aren’t downloading.

Okay so, first I tried downloading a book and it downloaded to 1% and then it said “The download is taking longer than expected, go to the download to see…blah blah blah” so I wrnt to the Libary on my Kindle Fire and the book wasn’t showing up…I checked my wifi, it was good, and I checked to see…

I don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it. You can try restarting it. But if it doesn’t download at all, you can manually download the book to your computer and move it into your kindle. Go to your account, to your kindle account, and to the book you downloaded. On the right of it will have actions. One will be deliver to my… Go to that and deliver it to your PC. Once the book is downloaded. Plug in your Kindle to the computer and open it from My Computer as if it were a memory stick. There should be a file for your Kindle books and just drop the newly downloaded ebook there. Unplug, and the kindle with have the book.

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  1. (I wish……).

  2. it is the same with the dictionary, you choose to download a dictionary then you can also look up the dictionary offline.

  3. How can I read a book offline on kindle, using a laptop?

  4. For more tips on how to download titles, check out the Kindle support page at Amazon.Its pretty simple, google does the job

  5. It is not possible, alas, to

  6. You do not need to be connected to the Internet all the time. You download the book and you can read it any time. The same is true with the dictionary.Good Luck .(some Classics are very inexpensive).

  7. In general, there’s no legal way to do this, other than to buy the books again in Kindle format. However, Amazon have recently launched a programme called Matchbook that may help. If you bought the book in paper form from Amazon, and the publisher has enrolled the book in the programme, you can get the book in Kindle format for a discount on the normal price. (Some of them might even be free.)

  8. If you have purchased them online through Amazon, then you should simply be able to log into your account and download them to your device. If they are in other formats, such as pdfs, then you simply can email them to your device ([email protected]) (yourname would be the name you set up your Kindle account under.

  9. I’m sure someone, somewhere has whipped up a program to do it, but they tend to be frowned upon.

  10. until you`ve them stored.

  11. You might select a few `Bests`, see if they are inexpensive and unabridged

  12. Generally not. Most books you get are going to be copy protected. Those that aren’t are generally old classics in the public domain (or really, really bad) – the first category, you may be able to go to sites like Project Gutenberg and download a text, HTML or word compatible copy there. The second category… why would you want to?

  13. The number of books it will hold depends on how big the books are, and how much music you have loaded onto your Kindle. For detail guide you can visit .

  14. and pay for / download one each month

  15. The only time you need to be online with a Kindle is to look for new things to read, and to download the things you have decided to start reading.

  16. by the way, kindle is a nice one!you are a tasteful guy!

  17. Once you’re reading a book (or the dictionary) on the Kindle, the whole thing has already been downloaded to the Kindle, so you don’t have to be online just to read or look things up.

  18. Happy reading!

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  20. replicate books not bought from an e-service or Kindle

  21. honey, if you have downloaded the books on your kindle ereaders then no need to worry you can absolutely enjoy them offline.

  22. I don’t think you can not via kindle.If you use you computer to read a Kindle book and yes it might be possible.

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